Saturday, June 14, 2008

There's just something about desi...

Hey Guys,

My friends know me to be a kind and considerate person. Always willing to help lend a hand-hold your hair back while you talk to ralph on the big white phone-the works. I guess it's just something in my genetic make-up that makes me naturally a helper. If you asked my co-workers about me they'd tell you that I'm the first to offer help. Alas there is a dark side to this gene. While I genuinely love helping people-sometimes I attract the attention of someone who either doesn't need help-or wants the kind of help I'm not willing to give. Once more dear friends-I'm helping with customers at work when a older gentleman ask for my help. Now if you're an avid reader of my blog you already know that I believe I'm putting out old man vibes. Well my theory was confirmed today. This gentleman was asking about an event going on in the shelter house down the road. So (giving him a friendly smile)I launch into a spiel about all of the wonderful programs going on at the festival. So far So good. He then tells me where he's from and that he's new to the area. Still okay. He then pulls out a folded envelope and shows me a card and ask if he could use it at this branch. I tell him that the card is still accepted at this branch. He goes on to tell me how much he likes the buckeyes and how he likes to watch all of their games.(Sidebar) You know sometimes older people just like to talk-no harm in it. Maybe their kids don't spend enough time with them. I have no problem filling the void by listening and occasionally responding to their conversations. (Sidebar over) He then tells me his name and pulls out another piece of paper from his envelope-this one bearing his name and phone number and tells me that I can call him If I want to. I told him no thanks. He then says "Oh so you're not interested?". How do you answer that. I hate that question. So I kind of just shook my head no and walked away. I swear to goodness the next man who hits on me better be hotter than an arizona summer. I've had my fill of the lukewarm variety


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allie said...

LMAO! Oh no! You have got to turn off the old man radar. :)