Saturday, January 26, 2008

How many projects can desi start at one time? The world may never know.

Hey guys,

I'm back. New and improved and committed to loving myself and all my creative habits. I'm working on not letting anyone devalue what i'm interested in doing. If you spend all your time doing what those you love deem important, then i'm in your corner. Not that you shouldn't do the things you need to do. Just make time for yourself and the creative soul that God has placed in you. It is so worth it! I don't knit to the exclusion of all else-of course not-but I do find time to let my little light shine. I just finished my first fair isle hat creation. I had to work at getting the hat dimension just right. I'm currently working on a baby vest pattern that has tons of cables and twist in it. I love working on something new and old at the same time. Cableing is old to me but baby vest are new. One may ask the question? If you don't have children how come you're always making baby items. It's not because I have a desire to be with child. In one word-it's faster which means I can start something new almost immediately. I am also working on a pair of mittens, and a double knit hat-this time just for me. How crazy is it that I knit but I don't have a hat or pair of Gloves? I know, so wrong on so many levels. Gotta go do the hippy-hippy shake in my basement. It's a cool Hula exercise tape-kind of makes me want to go Hawaii-Guess I'll have to settle for a fictional vacation.

Until next time.

Peace love and soul

Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!! Let's make it a knittastic year

Hey Guys,

It's been a while since i've blogged. Believe it or not I actually knitted alot during christmas break. I got my fair isle hat finished and started another mini project. I've picked up the rainbow socks and hope to finish them shortly. I'm also working on some baby knitwear patterns. You know how it is when you see a pattern and want to convert it into something it was never meant to be. I say give it a go. I've learned this in my 3 plus years of knitting. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Sometimes what i make turns out awesome and sometimes I have to make a U-turn and pick up the pieces. But it's all part of learning what's your knitting style. I'm a fan of the whole do it until you're satisfied method of knitting. That means i'll keep recreating until I come up with what was in my head when I started the pattern. It feels so good to warm someone up with your knit hats,scarves,and mittens. I just haven't mastered the whole knit yourself something warm yet. I also love being part of a community of crafters. The woman who taught me how to quilt is now working on her first pair of socks. I was blessed to be able to encourage her as she once did for me. There's nothing like being around people who understand your craft and it's value. Well i've got to go walk away the pounds now. Hopefully I'll be able to hike in Hocking Hills this summer and have more stamina.

Until the next post