Friday, December 14, 2007

It's beginning to look alot like knitfest

Have you ever just wanted to go to your own knitter's universe. A land flowing with cashmere and wool ease? A land where no one ever drops a stitch and all the yarn is in the 50% of bin? I'm dying for a knit fest or at the very least 2 hours of un interrupted knitting. No one dragging me to the kitchen for an impromptu winter clean. I'm currently working on a pair of rainbow socks ( and before you ask i just love all colors). But i'm about to ditch them for what I like the call the" Cheapest Christmas Ever!" That's right folks you too can receive a small knitted gift to keep you warm during the winter- But wait! there's more! if you act fast you might be able receive a coupon redemable for one knitted item of your choice. But I digress basically if your in my gifting circle your getting something knitted this year. I have the time and the yarn but not the money to do anything else. That's what buying a new car and paying off a student loan does for you. Not that I'm complaining. God has been oh so very good to me. It's a total blessing to have the ability to gift cheaply. I'm also blessed to have wonderful knitters in my life who understand what it's like to be in a traffic jam and break out the DPN's and get a few rows in. Oh the joys of a new car!! All of the doors open Yippeee!! and when you turn the key it starts up-how wonderful. I actually want to wash this car and take care of it -go figure. I'll post pictures of my baby mood indgo as soon as I wash him(All my cars are men).