Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So Tired-Tired of waiting.....

Hey guys

Just to let you know I'm in a whiny mood today(Cue the violins and bring out cheese and fruit tray). I don't know about you but I'm tired of waiting. Here's a small(I promise it's tiny) list of what I'm tired of.

I'm Tired of....

1. Being the girl who holds the purses while her friends dance.

2.Being invisible(trust me it's not easy but I try)

3. Waiting on God

4. Begging God

5.Waiting for a promotion

6. Waiting for my ship-canoe-yacht-dingy-inner tube to come in.

7. Putting on a good face and taking one for the team.

8. missing out on tenderness and caring and pretending i don't need or want them in my life.

9. Bad hair or clothing days or a combination. Don't forget bad skin days(who wants to be ashy and dried up-not me!

10.monotonous tasks,hot rainy days,hot sticky days,screaming kids,impatient drivers(okay so sometimes that's me.)

There are however many things that I am grateful for. Tune in again tomorrow and see what makes desi happy

check ya later


Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's new with you pussy cat?

Hey guys,

I'm listening to some new artist and I'm in serious like with both of these artists. First off it's Paolo Nutini-just love his song "Last Request" and then just for fun and hip shaking action it's "New Shoes" it's just a fun song that makes you remember the joys of a new pair of kicks that don't hurt your feet. The my next fave right now is The Afters-They have a great song called "Never going back to okay" It makes me think of never settling and being fully alive and conscious. The only thing that sucks in my music world right now is the fact that I have no way of emptying my MP3 player right now. That means I can't revamp the play list. While I dearly love the music that's on it-I would love to able to change it somewhat. Now you may ask how this happened. Well my brother updated our computer and all the music files on it previously were erased-not his fault i knew he was doing it-we just didn't have the space or the time to burn the music to disc. So it won't let me load the music back on and I'm stuck with this play list. it's okay-suitable for my many walks and bike rides. Speaking of riding-I rode my bike to Kroger last night and picked up some implements of destruction-oh yeah and some peanut butter chips and chocolate chips. You know how it is when you get this surge of inspiration and decide to try a new venture with out a map? Well I decided to make two-toned fudge-That's right-half chocolate and half peanut butter-I marbled it and it turned out pretty good. Not all impulsive decisions turn out bad. I shared it with some friends and they loved it. I'm so stoked right now- I get to volunteer at the Live Strong Summit tomorrow at OSU. I have my brilliantly yellow t-shirt with volunteer emblazoned on the back. So I'm ready to rock tomorrow. I look forward to meeting all the many new faces I'll see tomorrow.

Stay cool and keep sane


Monday, July 21, 2008

Who's afraid of the Big Black Bat?

Well guys,

I've seen the Dark Knight and I was very impressed. Heath Ledger's performance was amazing. I don't know about Oscar worthy but he definitely deserves at the very least honorable mention. He totally nailed the creepy/funny aspect of the joker. There were scenes that were so funny and creepy at the same time. It was such a departure from his usual characters-There was no "Ten things I hate about you-Four Feathers or A Knights Tale. Christian Bale was awesome as well. I love his batman best of all-not just because he's easy on the eyes but his portrayal is so likable. I know there are some purist out there who have been reading the comic since time immortal but I still like him the best.

If you haven't seen the movie-go see it. You will love it. But don't take my word for it(Reading Rainbow Reference)

I've not blogged in a while. No access or time to write. I spent sometime with the family this weekend. My wonderful niece did get me to try rollerblading-I was so bad. I didn't fall but lets just say-I won't be doing that anytime soon. Just picture me rolling down their drive way holding on to a broomstick handle. Not pretty-Not pretty. So I begged off the skates and rode her bike instead. Much better trade. It was all good until this moth decided to try landing on my neck. I HATE Moths especially when their trying to land on you. So I'll be walking in the daytime thank you very much!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

NorthStar Restaurant- Friend or Foe?

Hey Guys

Last night I went to meet my fellow SNB'ers at North Star. It's my second time there and I finally got around to getting some food. Well I walk in and place my order. I told the lady behind the counter that we have a co-worker in common. I then go on to explain how our mutual co-worker had brought cookies from North Star to work and how awesome they were. WELL long story short-They accused my co-worker of stealing the cookies and when she proved with a receipt that she had bought the cookies-They told her that she didn't smile enough (are you kidding me-she's the most friendly person I've met recently)or engage customers enough. They then FIRED HER! She was two weeks away from having her 1 year anniversary at North Star. At that time she would have received 1 week of paid time off. Coincidence? I think not. They also fired another guy who was 3 weeks away from making his yearly evaluation. Who wants to eat at a place that treats their workers like crap? Not I-And I hope that you won't either. Tell all you're friends not to go to North Star. You vote with your dollar. Don't support a place that has shady business practices. I mean how stupid is it to fire someone who buys your cookies and shares them with other people-increasing your revenue because the cookies are awesome. The only reason I went to North Star is because of the sample cookie I received from her. What kind of world is it when sharing cookies gets you fired. Dumb move on North Stars part. They lost someone who was actively promoting them outside work. What total idiots they are.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008

On a hot day in summer my true friend gave to me

Cording and yarn just for me. One of my old friends visited me at work the other day. It was so good to see her. Seeing her reminded me of all the things knowing her has put in place. Because she is as generous with her wisdom as she is with her yarn stash-I've learned about CD's(Certificates of Deposit) Roth IRA's(Investment Retirement Accounts- after taxes money) and Deferred Comp(Deferred Compensations-before taxes money) I have all of those in place now.She brought me the cording and other assorted goodies. (there'll be socks around the corner,socks around the corner,socks around the corner for me-there'll be no more knit less Tuesdays,no more knit less Tuesdays, no more knit less Tuesdays for me! yee-haw!).

On hot day in summer another true friend lent to me

A hard rocking Stryper CD( You're FREE-Free to do what you want to -choose your own destiny-FREE! Free to do what you want to:) Can't help it I love to play them in my car Loud. The guitar rifts alone are enough to get your head nodding-not excessively-you are after all driving. They are rock but-they have the harmony part of music that I like the most. It's a rock sing-a-long(just kidding).

On a warm day in summer my true friend emailed me-About the national Day of the Slurpee(make mine coke and cherry please). During the summer months it's my only vice-other than ice cream. Mix the layers of a cherry and coke for an awesome cherry coke slushy. Now not all slushie's are created equal. You have to visit different places and see how they do them. For my money i like speedway's cherry and coke. I'm not much on the movie theatre one-of course the price alone is a deterrent-The flavor's suck. How can you not have coke if you have cherry?

If you've been reading carefully you'll know that each paragraph is like the song the twelve days of Christmas-don't worry there's not twelve blurbs for your to slog through. But the song hopped into my head and won't vacate the premises-I had to get it out somehow. I know it's a little too early to think about winter(Bah Humbagh) but sometimes you can have a little Christmas in July. Just Check out my basil-it's like a Christmas miracle(God bless us-everyone!).
I'll put up pics soon of my baby tomatoes-I'm a proud mama(the only type of progeny I want is growing from ceramic pots).

Friday, July 11, 2008

Rockin' Down the Highway.

Hey Guys,

I'm not really rockin down the highway but I did try to bike to the library today. The home brary not the work one. I have learned something interesting about my self. While I love riding my bike-I'm not so much for the ducking and diving between trucks on the main road. So I wussed out and road like a little kid on punishment-you know when your parents would only let you go so far. So I'll be picking up my exercise in a different way today. I'm currently at the library typing this important missive for my readers. I just learned something from the lady at the next computer-The ANTICHRIST is on the move. Yep She asked me for help with printing so of course I helped her. She happened to be looking into a guy who is the head of the European Union. She told my why he's the antichrist and showed me all of this information. So folks when the crap hits the fan-Remember You heard it here first. Kind of sound like a advertisement doesn't it. I've been listening to a lot of old radio shows lately. My faves so far are The Aldrich Family(Actually pretty funny) and Casey Crime Photographer. What cracks me up about the crime photograhper is the sound of all the fighting and the way they talk while the fights going on. "Here Take That! Mr. Bigelow-and Here's some for your other friends! " The you hear all these crashes and booms and cries from the other guy. Well I'm mainly working on my other sock today. I'm thinking about dumping my Pine cone flowers however after learning from a friend that they are a magnet for my arch nemesis "The Dreaded Butterfly" (Cue the horror movie music..... and Cut!) My basil is doing fantastic and is growing up big and strong. Soon I'll have enough to share. If you need some basil or know someone who does-see me about a month.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hey guys,

I finished a sock I've been working on for a while. I immediately started it's sister. I love meeting up with other knitters. Last night I went to my weekly SNB and it was a blast. There's something so communal and cozy about sitting around a table and knitting or crafting with other people. I also learned alot about making your hobby a business. .Well I've also included a little pick me up for those of us who are going through the mid-week Blahhhhs.So live long and craft well peeps


Sunday, July 6, 2008

What Not to Eat

Hey Guys,

Many of you may know that I'm on a quest to eat better. Well I've been pretty good so far. I've made the appropriate changes. Incorporated more leafy greens and colors into my diet-increased my exercise regimen-sleep the right amount-you know the works. Well I got it into my head that I could make a low fat milkshake. I got my Edie's smooth and creamy reduced fat mint chocolate chip ice cream(taste awesome),and my two percent milk -and even sugar free chocolate syrup. Looks like all the makings right? WRONG! It ended up being a soupy mess that didn't taste like or resemble the mint mudslide milkshake from McDonald's. (Sidebar)I feel that it is my duty to warn you about the perils of going sugar free. I started to use the sugar free syrup but decided to taste it first(I'm not so glad that I did).I squirted a little of the syrup on my finger(almost like a makeshift tooth brush) and put my finger in my mouth. What happened next was beyond my control. It started with a loud exclamation(OH MY GOD,OH MY GOD) followed by several YUK'S,squinting of the eyes,trying to remove my tongue from my mouth and more (OH MY GOD THAT'S AWFUL,OH GOD THAT REALLY SUCKS,OH GOD) . Did I receive any sympathy from my folks? Of Course Not. They were too busy laughing at me to get me some water. My dad did his classic "I told you so" routine. Here's a word to the wise-If you have someone in your family who's a diabetic and THEY tell you that something sugar free sucks?(BELIEVE THEM!). They know from whence they speak. Here is a picture of the offender

Now maybe you love the taste of sugar free syrup. Maybe it's the shot in the arm you need each morning. This syrup will definitely open your eyes. Go Ahead and enjoy it all you want. If you work with me and you're reading this post-You've been warned-I'm leaving it as a free item in the break room. I am now going to look for recipes to satisfy my sweet tooth instead of winging it. Until I find them fruit will have to be my respite.


Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!!!

The fourth always makes me think of two things. Warm summer nights and awesome light displays. This year I did not make my annual trek to the fireworks barn to pick up my morning glories(sparklers that change colors) or snakes(weak firework that coils like a snake when it's lit) or even a box of pops(fireworks that make a loud popping noise when they hit the ground. I did however make it to my city's firework display. we had the perfect seats- far enough away to beat the crowd home but close enough to see everything. This is what the fourth of July was meant to be. Walking down the street with my niece and nephew singing songs(hum a few bars of I'm proud to be an American)-sitting on the lawn and watching my nephew trying to climb a fence-and to top it all off-listening to sounds of the ooooh's and ahhh's as the light show begins. All and all it's been a good day. I'll set ofF my own fireworks tomorrow(shhh! don't tell anyone-there illegal in Ohio). I got them from walmart-hope they work. So I hope you are enjoying the unseasonably cool weather(I am- love it) There's nothing better than being able to ride your bike on a cool morning-watching the world wake up. The other day I startled a hummingbird coming in for a drink from one of our feeders-He hid in our lilac bush-so very cute. Well I gotta go. Have fun and be safe kids. And remember Safety first



Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chicago, Chicago That Toddlin town

Hey Guys!

I'm back! Fresh from my journey to Frank's kind of town-That's right you guessed it Chicago! What can I say about Chicago? Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Well let's go for the "bad" because it makes the "good" that much sweeter. First,traffic was a nightmare-took at least two hours to get where we were going because it's summer time and you know what that means-you guessed it-road construction. So a highway that was normally 4 lanes is now compressed into two. Second,we were going to go to Wrigley's field but my Dad thought that they played the Cleveland Indians on Tuesday night which meant we couldn't go-The worse part-they played on Monday night soooo we could have went. Third, Not enough time do everything that I wanted to do.

Okay that's if for the whining. What was great? I always try to find two things when I'm going to a far away place. One, a library and two, a yarn shop. Didn't find the yarn shop but I found two libraries. One downtown at
Here's a little info on it. "The Harold Washington Library Center opened October 7, 1991. Thomas H. Beeby and his colleagues in the firm Hammond, Beeby and Babka, as a part of the Sebus Group, won a design/build competition for Chicago's new Central Library in June of 1988. This 756,640 square foot neo-classical building appeared in The Guinness Book of Records as the largest public library building in the world." (from the library's website).

I was blown away by the sheer size of the building. But what about the inside?
Is this the oval office or a library?
It was absolutely gorgeous-My puny picture doesn't do it justice. I was standing on the second floor when I took that shot. There are 5 floors in all with different divisions on each floor. They had a room dedicated to the history of the library in Chicago. It started out in the 1930's and there are pictures of what it used to look like. The current library is new. It was originally on S. Michigan Avenue. That has now become the Chicago Cultural Art's Center.

If you like a more home town feel to your library experience. My next find might be right up your alley. I stayed in Gurney Mills and was lucky enough to find the Warren-Newport Public Library. They have RFID(Radio Frequency Identification-I had to look it up). So I walk into the library and see how they do book drop. It's right in the open-one of their employee's puts each item in drop and it goes on a conveyor belt and is sorted immediately. How cool is that-You can watch it as it happens-they have a camera in the returns room.(might be slightly creepy?). Another cool thing they have is 24 hour reserve pick-up. The way this works is there is attachment to the building that is unlocked when you punch your card number in. There are lockers inside with reserves in them. Here's the cool thing-The door won't open unless you actually have a reserve waiting for you. Just your locker door opens and the items are already checked out to you. I spoke with a librarian there and they love the system. You're not automatically signed up for this service you have to request it.

Other best thing. Millennium Park was awesome. They have these cool water fountains(not the kind you drink out of) with people's faces on them that spout water. The faces smile and sometimes purse there lips.
The Park also has a silver egg shaped thing that's pretty cool. When you try to take a picture up close you end up taking a picture of yourself.

Funny things? Well I thought these mannequin's were really funny.

One looks like he's wearing a Ladies wig and the other one looks like he's pissed off about his wig. Well that's it for now. I did like Chicago alot. I just want to go when I have more time to explore. And maybe when there's not so much construction going.