Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Taking Chance

Taking Chance is an HBO film about real life events of Lt. Col. Michael Strobl who volunteers to be the military escort for body of Marine Chance Phelps. Kevin Bacon plays Strobl who brings the soldier's body back to their family. What struck me most about the film was all the care and respect the body received on it's return home. You see everything that happens from the soldiers placing ice in the box with the coffin. Each soldier salutes as the coffin is loaded onto the plane. You then see how they clean the body-How carefully the body and it's personal effects-watches-dog tags-medals are washed clean of blood. Then you see how the transfer effects not just the family but all who come in contact with the body. From the Airline pilot who asked for a moment of silence for the solider and his escort-The flight attendant who gave Strobl a small silver crucifix for the family-to a league of cars who make up an impromptu processional on Chance's journey home. This war takes so much out of us but also brings us closer together. No one can watch this film and be unmoved. It's not a rallying cry for us to all take up arms and fight the enemy-it's a call for us to remember that each life has value and to respect the service that was offered to us. I highly recommend watching this film.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where in the world has desi been

Hello ladies and Gents.

Let's play Where in the world has desi been-the game show with thrills,chills and surprises. This time I didn't leave our fair city but,I did go somewhere out of the ordinary. I was going about my day when we received a call from another library requesting assistance. So I quickly doned my LW(library woman)cape and dashed off to offer my help to the branch.

Clue #1
The library that I was at first opened in 1969. The current location was built in 1991 and expanded in 1998. It is gorgeous. First they have these pillars that look like mini light house towers. There new book area is a set of blonde wood box-like shelves with a dark blue background. Light shines directly on the new books inviting you to take a look. Also they have recliners in their break room-really awesome ones.

Clue #2
The city in which the library resides is also known as a bedroom community, with most of its residents traveling to neighboring Columbus or other suburbs of Columbus to work. It's also the home town of Seth Stammler, defenseman/midfielder for MLS side Red Bull New York.

Clue #3
the community name comes from a local Native American word describing the meeting of three creeks, as the community is located at the confluence of branches of Big Walnut Creek.

So where did I job hop to? It is a really beautiful branch-you should visit if you get the chance. But don't take my word for it. Here's a review of the library I found.

I can get the world for free!
By Food L. | Insider Expert
This place recently got in like 1996. Okay, so this is a place you can borrow stuff and get stuff done. And ask questions. Um, this place rocks. And it is 5-stars because, well, it IS the best library in the United States. Part of the best libraries of the nation.

It is a large building. If you look at it from the outside, from left to right you have:
Quiet area, Fiction, non-fiction, computers, reference, tutor rooms, childrens' books/equipment. If you have ANY questions, you have this huge front desk. They can get to know you; they could be your new best friend if you come here often enough.


Friday, February 20, 2009

What not to do at the gym

I know it's been a while since my last post. My life has been a little hectic leaving me little time to write. I have been doing my best to not let the winter blahhhsss deter me from my daily trip to the gym. While i feel I've bonded with my gym and feel better everyday-i have also learned some valuable lessons inside the gym.

Lesson #1" Hold me Now(thompson twins)"

if you're going to read on the tread mill hold on to something. I was totally into this story and thought i was keeping pace with the machine-I wasn't. My foot felt the roller at the end of the tread mill which let me know I was close to an embarrassing fall. So I've improved my reading at the gym technique. I know hold onto the machine while holding on to the book! It's great! I can read and get fit.

Lesson #2 Who's gonna drive you home(The Cars)

After an exhilarating workout don't get so relaxed that you don't pay attention to traffic. I was walking to my car feeling all sorts of good(you know that worked out hard jello leg feeling) when I was almost run down by a guy in a Honda. I saw him coming and thought I had moved out of his way. He kept coming at me. He had so much stuff in his car that he didn't even see me.

Lesson #3 When the lights go down in the city(Journey!!!)
I was at the gym pedaling my little life away when the gym suddenly went dark. What's a girl to do when the gym goes dark but the machine you're on hasn't. I kept on trucking riding out the last 30 minutes of my session in the dark and doing my leg machines in the dark. It was ultra cool the lights went out and those little security lights came on. I felt like I was in a bad horror flick. I could just see Jason/Freddy's face showing up in the mirror beside mine. The red lights on the bike glowed eerily-kind of creeped me out. Add to that the sudden smokey atmosphere. I guess with the fans off the heat from all the gym rats fogged up the place a bit.

There are three lessons that you can apply to life's persistent questions. I'll be posting another where's Desi been tomorrow-this time it won't be easy.

check ya later


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Who's Got the Spirit!

Hey guys,

I figured I'd treat myself to a 2 dollar show at the cheapie cinema in the field. I chose the spirit. The spirit is based on 1940's comic staring a vigilante who fights along side everyday working Joe's. "The spirit" has all the elements of a hero film. He's hard to kill,great to look at,and fights crime on the mean streets of central city(What a name for a town),And he always gets his girl(and everyone Else's'). I kid you not-there was a scene where this female reporter is asking him to give advice to kids-He tells them not to be hard on their parents and smiles at the camera-Colgate smile with the little twinkle and everything. I thought the next line was going to be "Give a hoot don't pollute" or "Take a bite out of Crime!". Total after school special time. The dialogue was like a bad imitation of Bogie and Bacall's interplay. Visually however it was beautiful. Just like sin city the contrasts are stunning. The spirit dresses in all black but has a blood red tie-so hot right!! and these brilliantly white shoes-no matter what he's stepped in the shoes look brand new. The scene with Samuel L. Jackson in a Nazi general uniform was startling. It was just a treat for the eyes. If you appreciate lighting and color contrast and the like-you might like the film-just don't listen to the dialogue.I could totally watch the film without sound and not miss it.


Happy V-Day

Who can do it better than whodini? Take a listen-might take you back to the 80's when big gold chains and kango's were in style. Happy Valentines day to all my peeps.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ear Candy

Hey guys,

Sometimes music can be an awesome vehicle. It can transport you back to a time when your were truly free and the world held so much promise and possibilities. I've been listening lately to the music of my childhood. These were artist that my father played in the house and that I heard on the radio. I recently got back in touch with my inner 70's soul music vibe.
so I've been listening to.....

My top five: Earth Wind and Fire

1. Devotion
2. Sing a Song
3. Pure Gold
4. Serpentine Fire
5. Shining Star

My top five: The Gap Band

1. Outstanding
2. Yearning for your love
3. You dropped a bomb on me
4. Early in the morning
5. I don't believe you want to get up and dance

My top three: Switch

1. There'll never be
2. I call your name
3. Call on me

My top three: Ambrosia

1. The biggest part of me.
2. Your the only woman.
3. How much I feel.

All of these songs will hit that metaphysical sweet spot in my inner ear when I hear them. I can be doing anything and you'll see me start to sway and sing along. I can't help it by body just wants to rejoice. Give some of these artist a try. You maybe surprised by how many you know already.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Where in the world did Desi go?

I took another road trip guys. You know how I love to travel. Guess where.
My friends and I met and had lunch at a place called "The Pub"

we watched "football" on the telly(Liverpool and Portsmouth-Liverpool won-I like their jersey better anyway).
The food was good but the wait was crazy. Getting seated wasn't a problem-getting our food and someone to take our money- hour and half for the first,20 minutes(after she gave us the bill)for the second a little much. She did however give us a free appetizer-so it's all good.

Clue #1
It's home to Huffy Bicycles(The bikes of my childhood. Picture this-flowered banana seats and whistling straws on my spokes and sparkly tassels on the handlebars-ah the good old days) ,Lexis Nexis, and America's Packard Museum.

Clue #2
The city was founded on April 1, 1796 by a small group of US settlers seven years before the admission of Ohio to the Union in 1803.

Clue #3
It's primary nickname is the "Gem City". Local "Gems" The Wright brothers, poet Paul Laurence Dunbar, and entrepreneur John H. Patterson were born here.

Final analysis, I had a great time. I always said that I wanted to spend my weekends taking small trips. It's awesome to have friends that help you make your dreams come true. So Where was I?


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

what's in your player?

I've been listening to

I like Walter Dean Myers. He's and excellent writer. He expertly weaves together the life a of a young soldier. You see him going through a change or evolution as the book goes along. I'm not having a maloox moment but the book did make me cry and really think about the lives of men and women of the armed forces. They give up so much to fight a battle they didn't choose to get into. One of my favorite lines from the book is when "Birdy" ask Jameel and Iraqi what he thought about the war. "I would cut off the body rather than cutting off the head of a camel. If you cut off the head the body doesn't know what it is. If you cut off the body the head know's it's dead" (paraphrase). Birdy is the main character and it chronicle his army life-starting with his decision to enlist after 9/11. I came away from this book with a sense of casualties of war-not just death and dying but your own views of why you joined and who you're risking your life for.

Out of Commision-would like to make a commission

Hey guys,

You know how your going along and everything is kosher in your world and then BAM! You get hit with an unexpected bill. Well it was car repair time for me. My power steering light kept coming on so like any good motorist I took it to the dealership. I figured the car's only two years old maybe it's just a faulty sensor-no problem-can't be that expensive,right? I was of course totally wrong-the wiring in my steering wheel was bad so i had to get a new steering column unit-how much did you say. It cost me $710.00. Now I'm living like a college student again and hoping to scrounge up enough gas money until the next pay day. I had just been looking at my accounts-My savings were getting healthy again and I was thinking about buying a good digital camera,a massage,etc. So in the interest of not making this a total gloom and doom post let's see what $700 dollars can get you in today's economy.

$700 can send you on a carnival cruise for 7 days. That's your lodging,food,and entertainment-not to mention all the cool places you get to go. This is a picture of my own personal island-St. Thomas-awesome view from my balcony.

$700 can almost get you two Royal treatment from Charles Penzones
The Royal Treatments: $360
Feel like Royalty when you enjoy the luxurious abundance of restorative spa services in this pampering collection. This package includes: Orientation, Body Polish Massage, Deluxe Papaya Facial, Salt Glow Manicure, Salt Glow Pedicure, Haircut & Design, Makeup Application and a Catered Meal. 7 hrs.

That's right ladies and gentlemen they spend 7 hours on you. That infinitely trumps the graham auto mall customer waiting room-where you may wait for 3 hours but you will not be refreshed-although you wallet will be lighter.

$700 dollars and get you a Fujifilm FinePix S100fs Digital Camera

The Fujifilm FinePix S100fs (Film Simulation) digital camera provides an all-in-one solution for photo enthusiasts and advanced amateur photographers seeking the manual controls and functionality of a Digital-SLR, without the hassle and expense of additional lenses and other accessories. It is equipped with a 14.3x Fujinon zoom lens (28mm-400mm equivalent) to capture a broad range of subjects from wide-angle landscapes to extreme telephoto for sports and wildlife shooting, Fujifilm's SuperCCD VIII HR with 11 MegaPixels of resolution for sharp, detailed pictures, and the RP (Real Photo) III processor that provides fast operation and advanced shooting capabilities. The FinePix S100fs also incorporates some of the features found in the FinePix S5 Pro - Fujifilm's flagship professional camera; including film simulation (fs) modes, advanced bracketing functions, and settings that expand the camera's dynamic range to a range similar to that of negative film.

I can also fly to Paris -round trip mind you for less than
$700 That's taxes and everything-well almost everything.

1 Review trip details
1 traveler, round-trip (29 days, 28 nights) More flight details Total airfare, taxes and fees: $ 574.77
Please note: At least one airline in this trip charges an additional fee for checked baggage. This fee is not included in your total trip cost. See details
Price Assurance Get our lowest fare or an automatic cash refund.
Wed, Feb 18 Depart: 2:24 pm Columbus, OH (CMH) United Airlines 7828

1 stop
Arrive: 6:35 am next day Paris, France (CDG) Lufthansa 9377
operated by UNITED AIRLINES -- UA 0914

Wed, Mar 18 Depart: 11:30 am Paris, France (CDG) Lufthansa 9376

operated by UNITED AIRLINES -- UA 0915
1 stop
Arrive: 6:44 pm

Thanks for going on this mythical journey with me. I've got to make some more money so I'll be hocking all of my old Cd's to half price books and seeing if they'll give me a couple dollars for it.