Tuesday, April 20, 2010


My time has been going,going,gone for the last two quarter. Consequently, this is the first time that I've been able to post anything. Here's a quick rundown of what's been going on so far. I've been:

1. Salsa Dancing
2. Ballroom Dancing
3. Apartment Hunting
4. Hiking
5. Reading bloody Shakespearean history plays(yippee!)
6. Trying to get another MP3 player that actually plays all my music.
7. Making noise
8. Sleeping whenever I can(on the side of the road-at a red light-I'm not picky)
9. Boldly going where not cook has gone before-pulled pork with homemade barbecue
10. Becoming addicted to groupon and buying all my dream items at half-price
11. Speaking of half-price went to half-priced books and scored a box set of musicals from the 30's and 40's-6 bucks
12. Doing my taxes-hopefully correctly
13. Planning my trip across the United States!
14. Trying to be grateful for the little things in life like 72% cocoa chocolate and groupon.

Well that's all I can think about this morning-12:32 am. I wouldn't be up but I just finished the rough draft of my Titus Andronicus paper(blood thirsty thriller choc full of murder and mayhem not to mention enemy pies-but don't take my word for it!). Will now sleep approximately 8 hours and hope to construct this paper correctly in order to produce and A and not just for effort from Ms. Oleary.

Wish me luck!


Rip Guru!