Sunday, June 22, 2008

If a knitter falls in the woods...

Hey Guys I know it's been a while since my last post. I've just not been around much to collect my thoughts in an organized fashion. First things first... Friday night I went with Ms. A. and we saw the movie "Get Smart". It was so funny I laughed until I cried. Steve Carrell's straight faced delivery was awesome. When he told 99 that because of her advanced age her eggs may shrivel up and fall out of her uterus I was crying. He said it seriously not tongue in check at all. Even the scene with him dancing with a large Russian lady was funny and handled I thought tastefully. I loved it when the big chick flipped the skinny broad's the bird. I wasn't an avid watcher of the Tv show "Get Smart". The few times I watched it I did like it. I am however a fan of Steve Carrell's. I've got to start watching the office. I've heard so many good things about the show. "Get Smart" was definitely an 8 dollar movie. We thought we were going to the cheap theatre but they changed the prices on us and didn't tell us. It used to cost 6 dollar for a show after 6. My friend Ms. A. invited me to go to hocking hills. So I went.

(Sidebar) Ms. A. is a celebrity. She has her own hallmark card.
Vote for her on Hallmark's website. it's says Cake on the inside-it's a birthday card. How cool is she.

I have been planning to go to hocking hills since march but never seemed to make it up there. If you don't know about hocking hills it's a wonderful hiking and camping state park. The picture above is not from our trip. I'll show you those later. So I was the navigator. I got us lost sooooooo... A hike that should have been 5 miles turned into an 7 or 8 mile trek. We really hiked over tree roots under fallen trees over muddy banks,climbing down places we shouldn't have and climbing up weird ones. So we hiked for 4 hours no holds barred hiking-no rest for the weary. By the time we returned to the surface we were in dire need of the three things :Water and Ice cream and more water: We drove to the old man's cave general store and picked up 32 ounces of ice cold water each which we sucked down in quick succession and a small ice cream cone-hers vanilla mine creme de menth(so awesomely cold and good you have no idea.) Needless to say-I'm not exercising today-not sure I could. Then because we were close to her friends house in Carroll we stopped over there for some fun and games . We played pictionary and Catch phrase. I want the catch phrase game. So we got back to Columbus about 10 and then I drove home to the field and crashed hard. I'll be back to 100% by Monday.

See you thin



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