Sunday, December 27, 2009

I really enjoyed this film. I watched it in 3d and was blown away by the alternate world James Cameron created. The flora was so imaginative. From the flowers that disappeared with one touch to the mental connection between the na'vi and their animals everything was a feast for the eyes. The bright vivid colors of Pandora made me think of a paintball experiment gone wild. Every color that you secretly loved in the 80's were on display in amazing hues. I highly recommend this film. It is not merely the story of good versus evil but more seeing the value in another culture-not how you can exploit it. It warmed my inner Eco warrior's heart. All that being connected to the earth and to each other. Loved it.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Princess and the Frog

I loved it! It was so cute and the music is on point. Tiana is dreaming about her own restaurant and the music puts you in the mind of a cab calloway number. I love the artistry in the film. If you've ever wanted to dress like a femme fatale in the 1940's this movie showcases that perfectly. I went and saw it with my girlfriends both of whom have young daughters. It's a typical Disney movie with lessons about love,determination and not forgetting what's important. I'm so glad that I saw it.


Queen of Hearts

I've been knitting while I've been getting well. Finished this last night.

Soon to come Game day Leg warmers and maybe an adult scarf bonnet combo!

everything but the kitchen sink!

As most of you know I've been under the weather for the past couple of days. i've been trying to get well and I'm on the mend as the britt's would say. After a particularly difficult worship team session ending with me praying for the prayer to be short so I could blow my nose. I decided I needed some TLC you know maybe some chicken soup. I thought about getting a can of campbell's chicken noodle soup. Then I thought about how much sodium was in a can of soup-yes I know I've turned into an AARP rep championing low sodium broth. So how was I going to get the nourishment that I needed? So what follows is my quick and easy approach to homemade-chock full of vitamins and assorted other flavors soup.

First pick up some lovely items from you local grocery store

As you can see from the picture I've picked up to bags of mixed vegetables. Why two I'm glad you asked. One bag didn't have all the vegetables I wanted so I combined two. The chicken was $4.99 fully cooked. I pulled the skin from the bird and diced the chicken. The bag makes a lovely trash bag.The other items I already had on hand. The only item not pictured here are the two potatoes I peeled and diced.

Secondly heat 2 to 3 tablespoons of olive oil in a large pot over medium high heat.
Add your diced garlic,onions,and celery to the pan. Season the vegetables with italian seasoning,chives,and basil. Saute these vegetables until they become slightly translucent.

Thirdly add 8 cups of water to the pot. Throw in your frozen vegetables,diced potatoes,and diced chicken. Boil your soup until the vegetables and potatoes become tender. Add your spinach now. The spinach will wilt but still remain a lovely bright green. Season with salt to your taste.

Ladle into the bowl of your choice and enjoy

Sunday, December 13, 2009

On the 12th day of christmas....

I've done a lot of cooking in the last few days. My mom had a pre-christmas party and I helped out. I made....
3 sweet potato pies
chocolate chip-walnut squares
apple pie
peanut butter pie
peanut butter pudding desert
mini sweet potato pie
sugar cookies
jelly cookies
chocolate cake
pulled pork
mashed potatoes
The funny thing is I had more fun making the food. I love it when dough comes together well. I think I was to tired to actually want to eat it. It's more fun to watch other people enjoy it. The best part of course was fun with the family. Now I'm officially done making desserts. For the next two weeks it will be knitting,dancing and reading for me.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Tea, Tea and more Tea.

Everything seems to collide at once. I finished my last paper!(yip, yip, hooray!),did my best ever roasted applesauce ever made better with apple cider from mansfield's own apple hill orchard,did the holiday hop and then.... The wall of sniffles,throat tickles that were not amusing, and delicate stomachs and voice changes. Yep I got sick. I Never get sick, well almost ever. How clever is it that my cold coincided with my vaction? Yep so I'm trying to get rid of uncle sniffle and aunt congestina in time for my mother's party this weekend. I think I've got it pretty well beaten. With the help of all the tea in my house,lovingly share with me by ms. C(Thanks ever so much)i've been doing much better. I have drank

Lotus blossom Green Tea: Pretty good as an ice tea. Smells wonderful and taste lovely if you like flowery teas.

Pomegranate White Tea: Lovely truely lovely flavors. A little tart because of the rosehips.

Bluberry Green Tea: By far my favorite because I love blueberries.

Cucumber White Tea: Smells so good when it's steeping.

Pineapple Ginger Green Tea: Taste kind of weird but not bad. I just wonder how they got the pineapple flavor in a tea bag?

Organic Throat Coat:interesting I usually abhor licorice but in this instance I don't mind it. It's actually quite sweet. I haven't taken sugar in my tea for a while now and I find it's a pleasant sweetness.

I'm definitely not dehydrated.