Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I could have Danced all night.....

Hey guys,

I absolutely love dancing and I got to do a fair amount of it this past weekend. I was a typical girl about town visiting the arts festival,park street festival,and gallery hop. Friday night I saw a group called "Red Wanting Blue" at the park street festival-They were great-good musicians and wonderful stage presence. I looked to see if we had their cd at the library but alas it was long overdue :(. Saturday I went to the arts festival. Along with the artists they had a huge Wii Fit station. You could try out Wii Fit. I tried the down hill skiing and the hula hoop. I rocked the hula hoop. Not so much for the skiing. If I had the funds I'd definitely invest in a Wii Fit. Saturday night I went to the gallery hop in the short north. Saw some local street musicians. I visited my favorite shop "The Kitchen Sorcerer" and bought another cookie cutter in the shape of lips. We then went to the park street festival again. While waiting for the next band we jammed to "livin' on a prayer" by bon jovi and "Tricky" by Run DMC I so loved it. We then watched 17Th floor. They're a hip-hop cover band. They did so many songs I loved. They were so good-really talented. They had the moves and the voices to pull off all the songs they did. I dance for two hours straight. I did have one problem however, I swear to goodness wherever I was people wanted to cut in front of me. I think it's the fact that they were all 6 ft tall and couldn't really see me. Sometimes you felt like throwing some elbows or strategically sticking out your foot. I figured that would be mean being that 90 percent of the crowd was flying high on various alcoholic beverages. We did however join with fellow party goers who were tired of being pushed in front of. So we fenced off our own area and gave mean looks to anyone trying encroach on our space.
to top it off we had a several people on stilts dancing through the crowd. It was so awesome. So Glad I went.

check ya later

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