Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Whoooeee boys, that's some mighty fine pickin' and a singing!

I was always the weird one musically in my family. I actually liked the folk songs we learned in 4Th grade. I internalized " This land is your land" and "My Bonnie flew over the ocean". So it should come as no surprise that I like blue grass music. There is something so beautiful in the poetry that goes on between a musician and his instrument. When the bow hits the violin and strikes a cord that resonates inside you that you never knew was there. Music like that just makes my heart happy. I confess to getting lost in it! So tonight I let my toes tap, my hands clap,and I gave up on all pretense of decorum when I listened to the Punch Brothers tonight. The Punch Brothers are a collection of musicians that have between them a bass fiddle(Paul Kowert), fiddle(Gabe Witcher),mandolin(Chris Thile),guitar(Chris Eldridge),and banjo(Noam Pikelny-affectionately called pickle). Both Gabe Witcher and Paul Kowert stole the show for me. I love fiddle almost as much as I love a good guitar riff and the deep color of sound that comes from the bass fiddle-(Oy I'm all verklempt talk amongst yourselves for a moment-okay I'm back). Each musician put there love for the craft on display tonight. It's one thing to play well, it's another thing all together to lose yourself in the music and take the audience along with you. I was swept away by their musicality and there oneness. Each musician played his instrument awesomely but they listened so intently to one another and vibe off of each other. What can I say-I have a new band to add to my expanding list of must haves! Even if you don't like blue grass- you can't deny the talent. Give a listen to the Punch Brothers.