Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Recycle a dream today!

Hey guys,

You know how I've been wanting a bike forever right. Well I didn't make that $449 purchase that I've been longing for. But with the help of my awesome dad I've breathed new life into my old bike. He raised by seat and the handle bars on my bike(who knew?). I took a spin on my newly renovated bike and I can safely say that It rides much better. Now that I have the height I want- my dad's going to work on the angle of the seat and putting on the new bike pedals I just bought. My new mission is to ride my bike in the morning-three times around my block every day-or at the very least every other day. On the days that I don't bike I'm going to walk it instead. I've been reading some weight loss books and they say that the best exercise time is in the morning. The dude from celebrity fit club-the cute doctor that started that 50 million pounds initiative-says that you can exercise in the morning and at night. I look forward to this new challenge. I'm still going down but feel like I need to amp things up a bit. Thanks to the wonderful Ms. L. who has been sending me awesome websites like hungrygirl@hungry-girl.com and the calorie counter thing. I learned that I probably need to tweak my eating habits a bit. I'm not eating nearly enough in the morning and afternoon and too much at night. This whole challenge has inspired me to learn new ways of cooking. I made a vegetarian fest last night. I sauteed garbanzo beans and spinach in a little olive oil with garlic. I also made squash and (the one thing not veggie)made a stir fry of mixed vegetables and ground turkey. I hate boring food so I have to find ways to make it good for me and taste awesome. I'll post some of my recipes as I perfect them. Simple is good. I'm of to work on my latest hat project and to watch some laurel and hardy.

check ya later kids


Sunday, June 22, 2008

If a knitter falls in the woods...

Hey Guys I know it's been a while since my last post. I've just not been around much to collect my thoughts in an organized fashion. First things first... Friday night I went with Ms. A. and we saw the movie "Get Smart". It was so funny I laughed until I cried. Steve Carrell's straight faced delivery was awesome. When he told 99 that because of her advanced age her eggs may shrivel up and fall out of her uterus I was crying. He said it seriously not tongue in check at all. Even the scene with him dancing with a large Russian lady was funny and handled I thought tastefully. I loved it when the big chick flipped the skinny broad's the bird. I wasn't an avid watcher of the Tv show "Get Smart". The few times I watched it I did like it. I am however a fan of Steve Carrell's. I've got to start watching the office. I've heard so many good things about the show. "Get Smart" was definitely an 8 dollar movie. We thought we were going to the cheap theatre but they changed the prices on us and didn't tell us. It used to cost 6 dollar for a show after 6. My friend Ms. A. invited me to go to hocking hills. So I went.

(Sidebar) Ms. A. is a celebrity. She has her own hallmark card.
Vote for her on Hallmark's website. it's says Cake on the inside-it's a birthday card. How cool is she.

I have been planning to go to hocking hills since march but never seemed to make it up there. If you don't know about hocking hills it's a wonderful hiking and camping state park. The picture above is not from our trip. I'll show you those later. So I was the navigator. I got us lost sooooooo... A hike that should have been 5 miles turned into an 7 or 8 mile trek. We really hiked over tree roots under fallen trees over muddy banks,climbing down places we shouldn't have and climbing up weird ones. So we hiked for 4 hours no holds barred hiking-no rest for the weary. By the time we returned to the surface we were in dire need of the three things :Water and Ice cream and more water: We drove to the old man's cave general store and picked up 32 ounces of ice cold water each which we sucked down in quick succession and a small ice cream cone-hers vanilla mine creme de menth(so awesomely cold and good you have no idea.) Needless to say-I'm not exercising today-not sure I could. Then because we were close to her friends house in Carroll we stopped over there for some fun and games . We played pictionary and Catch phrase. I want the catch phrase game. So we got back to Columbus about 10 and then I drove home to the field and crashed hard. I'll be back to 100% by Monday.

See you thin



Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And the celtics take it.

Hey Guys,

I'm so happy that the Celtic's won the Championship. I'm a huge fan of KG even when he was with the Minnesota Timber wolves. I just thought his work ethic was wonderful. He's like a marvelous machine- Killer instinct and precision

Of course I watched the behind the scenes show on ESPN. I love to see how athletes got their start and what motivates them. I must say I thought the Lakers would put up more of a fight but what are you going to do when Ray Allen is downing three's like it's his job. I am also a fan of Ray Allen even before I knew who he was I watched the movie"He got Game" with him and Denzel Washington. Both of these players labored for years with other teams-Kevin G.-the Minnesota Timberwolves,Ray Allen the Seattle Supersonics. It's good to see that their hard work has been rewarded. Now don't get me wrong-I've never been a Celtics fan. Personally not my type of team until they got Kevin and Ray. I also like pierce but don't know enough about him other than he's the other piece of the puzzle. But I can't stand the Lakers. Don't like any of the players- well Pau Gasol he's okay- But I hate Koby's arrogance. Every time he's interviewed he just comes off as a little bit of a jerk. The Laker's got beat like they stole something. I didn't even finish watching the game. I mean 131-92? How sad is that. But it was sweet for the Celtics and the Big Three.


Me and my snake jake

Hey guys,

I just finished a program with the turtle lady. I got to hold my friend jake who's some kind of rat snake. The turtle lady had the coolest animals. I held a baby turtle and creamsicle who was some kind of corn snake. None of the animals were poisonous and no animal was harmed in the writing of this blog. I enjoy animals but don't feel the need to own some. I much rather visit someone who has a dog rather than actually owning one. I'm not saying that I'll never own a pet. But I'd have to have my own diggs first(i.e a house.) des

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baby Basil

Hey guys

My basil is finally coming up. It looks like the picture above. There's something so cool about watching stuff grown in your own garden. I had to show my mother the basil. I was so excited but she kind of looked at me like I was weird or something. I'm not much of a green thumb but I'm learning. There are jalapeno plants for a good home at work. I might try my hand but I'm not much for spicey things. I figure I can grown them and then give them away to people who love them. I am however trying to grow: black eyed susans,purple cone flowers,and thyme and swiss chard. Wish me luck.

Here's the blast from the past that i failed to hyper link. Just cut and paste into the address box of your browser and watch.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

There's just something about desi...

Hey Guys,

My friends know me to be a kind and considerate person. Always willing to help lend a hand-hold your hair back while you talk to ralph on the big white phone-the works. I guess it's just something in my genetic make-up that makes me naturally a helper. If you asked my co-workers about me they'd tell you that I'm the first to offer help. Alas there is a dark side to this gene. While I genuinely love helping people-sometimes I attract the attention of someone who either doesn't need help-or wants the kind of help I'm not willing to give. Once more dear friends-I'm helping with customers at work when a older gentleman ask for my help. Now if you're an avid reader of my blog you already know that I believe I'm putting out old man vibes. Well my theory was confirmed today. This gentleman was asking about an event going on in the shelter house down the road. So (giving him a friendly smile)I launch into a spiel about all of the wonderful programs going on at the festival. So far So good. He then tells me where he's from and that he's new to the area. Still okay. He then pulls out a folded envelope and shows me a card and ask if he could use it at this branch. I tell him that the card is still accepted at this branch. He goes on to tell me how much he likes the buckeyes and how he likes to watch all of their games.(Sidebar) You know sometimes older people just like to talk-no harm in it. Maybe their kids don't spend enough time with them. I have no problem filling the void by listening and occasionally responding to their conversations. (Sidebar over) He then tells me his name and pulls out another piece of paper from his envelope-this one bearing his name and phone number and tells me that I can call him If I want to. I told him no thanks. He then says "Oh so you're not interested?". How do you answer that. I hate that question. So I kind of just shook my head no and walked away. I swear to goodness the next man who hits on me better be hotter than an arizona summer. I've had my fill of the lukewarm variety


Friday, June 13, 2008

Ear Candy

I love music. For me It's as much what you say as how you present it. Sam Cooke has a song called "Tenderness"that I love. It's one of those songs that is all about love in action. It's like he's telling men how to treat their women. He starts out by saying "be nice to her whenever you can and when you cross the street always hold her hand you'll find out tenderness goes a long way. So smile at her when she does something wrong be there to pick her up and make her strong
you'll find out tenderness goes a long long way. I know sappy and mushy-I can be that way who doesn't want to be cherished?

I also like music that makes me want to jump around in total pat benetar fever. Lately I've been rocking out to Heart's Greatest hits. My favorite songs on this album include: Alone,There's the girl,What about love,These Dreams. Some songs weren't on this compilation that i love: I want you so bad,Barracuda,and Crazy on you. I'm totally a child of the eighties and because my computer no longer has it's cache of 80 music I'm going through withdrawal. I need some Hall and Oates and Journey STAT. I'll also need some Run DMC and KRS-One and Eric B. and Rakim. I just listened to Eric B. and Rakim's"Paid in Full". The video is so dope. It's like scratchin' with images not just sampling songs or beats. My other favorite Erick B. and Rakim song is "Eric B. for president"

I've also been feasting on a steady diet of musicals for the past week. I've been belting out "Defying Gravity" for the hit musical "Wicked" Love the lyrics.

"My friends" from the musical "Sweeny Todd" is another one of my favorites. I love johnny depps voice-I don't usually think of him as a singer. He does the accent perfectly. The whole cast is superb. I also like helen bonham carter.

Well that's what I've been listening to. What's in your player?


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I could have Danced all night.....

Hey guys,

I absolutely love dancing and I got to do a fair amount of it this past weekend. I was a typical girl about town visiting the arts festival,park street festival,and gallery hop. Friday night I saw a group called "Red Wanting Blue" at the park street festival-They were great-good musicians and wonderful stage presence. I looked to see if we had their cd at the library but alas it was long overdue :(. Saturday I went to the arts festival. Along with the artists they had a huge Wii Fit station. You could try out Wii Fit. I tried the down hill skiing and the hula hoop. I rocked the hula hoop. Not so much for the skiing. If I had the funds I'd definitely invest in a Wii Fit. Saturday night I went to the gallery hop in the short north. Saw some local street musicians. I visited my favorite shop "The Kitchen Sorcerer" and bought another cookie cutter in the shape of lips. We then went to the park street festival again. While waiting for the next band we jammed to "livin' on a prayer" by bon jovi and "Tricky" by Run DMC I so loved it. We then watched 17Th floor. They're a hip-hop cover band. They did so many songs I loved. They were so good-really talented. They had the moves and the voices to pull off all the songs they did. I dance for two hours straight. I did have one problem however, I swear to goodness wherever I was people wanted to cut in front of me. I think it's the fact that they were all 6 ft tall and couldn't really see me. Sometimes you felt like throwing some elbows or strategically sticking out your foot. I figured that would be mean being that 90 percent of the crowd was flying high on various alcoholic beverages. We did however join with fellow party goers who were tired of being pushed in front of. So we fenced off our own area and gave mean looks to anyone trying encroach on our space.
to top it off we had a several people on stilts dancing through the crowd. It was so awesome. So Glad I went.

check ya later

Sunday, June 8, 2008

What a 7 year-old thinks about...

Hey guys,

I'd like to welcome my nephew eddie to my blog. He has decided to give us a sneak peak into the mind of a seven year-old boy.

Q: So How long have you been 7 years old?

A: In the school year or the year.

Q: The year.

A: One.

Q: So eddie what do you think about being a Gentleman? Is it something that is important to you?

A: NO. Because if you get in to be a gentleman- you'll never get out!

Q: What about helping old ladies and your mom and stuff like that?

A: The best thing to do is walk past them.

Q: But what if they really need your help? You could totally save the day for them. Don't you want to be a sort of super hero for them?

A:No. They better ask God for help.

Q: Okay what do you like the most about school?


Q: Why?

A:Because we get to play.

Q: So what are a few of your favorite games?

A: Soccer,Tether ball,Two-square,Four-square and basketball.

Q: So who's your favorite basketball team?

A: Mine is let me see hmmmm...I would say Seattle super sonics

Q: Man that's old school-Ray Allen came from The supersonics.

Q: So What are you interested in?

A: Not helping old people.

Q: But someday you're going to be old and walking with cane and you'll want someone to open the door for you. What are you going to do then when you need help?

A: I'm going to make them help me.

Q: How?

A: By giving them some cold cold cash.

Q: What if you didn't have any money right then?

A: Then I would act like a hobo and then say "Spare a dollar please?" Then I'd give it to them and say "Now open the door".

Q:So What do you want to be when you grow up?

A: A commedian. Let me tell you one of my jokes?

Q: okay.

A: When I was riding in my car I didn't know which way to go so I stopped at this jamican dude to ask for directions. This is what he said. Yeah Mon this is what you want to do mon. Turn left yeah mon right right mon then go straight mon there should be a crew cause I don't know where to go. gotta take if from there mon-by mon.

Q: Don't quit your day job. What happened to you being a stunt man?

A: Tasted the Lava-Tasted to sweet.

Q: Please explain for our audience what lava has to do with stunt men?

A: Cause Lava is an extreme thing. You don't know what's going to happen if you bungee jump in there. You don't know if it's going to erupt it might burn your bones. Besides I wanted to join the knitting club-Just kidding-actually I wanted to join the peace corps. What is the Peace Corps.

Q: The Peace Corps is an organization who send people to different countries to help them learn different things like english or how to improve their countries throught industry.

A: I think I'd like to join them then.

Q: Is there anything you would like our readers to know about seven year old boys?
Here's your chance to tell us all you know.

A: Seven year old girls love to do things to get you to look at them sometimes.

Q: What about seven year old boys:

A: They try to ignore that.

Q: Do you think that girls have cooties.

A: no. that a really little thing that boys make up.

Q: Well It's been a pleasure interviewing you. I look forward to showing you this blog when you're 14.

A: Bye

Well that All folks.


Friday, June 6, 2008

Bills, Bills,Bills

hey guys,

I just paid for car note and my cable bill. I'm cool until next pay. I also have enough to spend on this weekend with impunity. I probably won't being that I'm committed to starting up a for real emergency cash fund. I want to make sure that I don't have a pay day lending experience. I absolutely abhor paying interest. So I bit the bullet and paid of a loan with money from my savings. Now my savings are leaner but I'm feeling not pain because I know that I won't have that extra bill at the end of the month. I'm pairing down and preparing for my trip to Chicago and guess what I need for that?

You guessed it-I need a gang of cash. But I'm going to have fun this weekend I swear if it kills me. I get to go to arts festival this weekend(Yeah me!) I'm so excited. I just love fair atmospheres. I'll be good food wise-the prices will keep me on the straight and narrow-but I will probably by something small.

Well I gotta get ready for my weekend

See ya Monday kids


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dream when you're feeling blue or in my case sleepy

Hey guys,

I don't know what it is about pilate's that totally kicks my butt-i'm here to tell you I still haven't fully recovered from my 1hr 15min exercise session on tuesday. i worked out for 30 minutes today and might do pilates tonight or tomorrow morning. Every muscle that I worked on Tuesday protested this morning as I moved through hip-hop abs. I feel better but I'm also up in the weight department. Not much but I can definitely see that the way I was eating is far better than eating chinese and deny's. Hey It was my birthday so i decided to live alittle. Well I'm back on the wagon again. Chugging water and eating better. Try to keep my pantry full of fruits and vegetables. I have however been getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night. What a difference that has made. Now while I'm up in the weight department some of it is due to the muscle I've put on my frame. I can see it most noticeably in my thighs and belly area. I feel the layer of muscle building. So I'm looking for another decrease in the scale numbers. My clothes are also fitting better. It's been so wonderful to see the changes occurring in my body.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Go Go Go Obama You know what they say!

Go go go Obama you know what they say!
Go go go Obama you'll make it someday!
sha na na Obama you're doing fine!
You and your campaign ahead of your time!

Hey guys,

It's a great day in the neighborhood. I'm so stoked that we finally have a candidate for the democratic party. I think that Obama is new enough that he's not jaded. We need a change and I think we'll get it. Just listening to him speaks makes me want to become a better more involved American. I didn't watch the final primary. I was to busy exercising to watch much tv.

You know it's a good idea to know how long your exercise program is going to be before you decide to combine two exercise tapes. I knew I was going to do walk away the pounds for 30 minutes and I figured I'd do a new Pilate's one after. Well the Pilate's exercise was 45 minutes long. So all combined I exercised for 1 hr and 15 minutes. I might rest today or only do hip hop abs. I was going to go for a walk but it's been raining all day. It started early this morning with this terrific boom! I thought someone had fallen down the stairs but it was just thunder. It was followed shortly after with a brilliant lightning show that lit up my room. Now if this was during the day-no problem. 3 o'clock in the morning? not so cool. I had a hard time getting back to sleep and now feel like I've been drugged. Well gotta make the donuts!


Sunday, June 1, 2008

I want....

I want...

my own garden so I can grow some bearded Irises like this

and Hostas like this

and Rhododendron like this

I also want...

A facial that make my skin look like melted milk chocolate

A massage that stimulate and relaxes me. I want my bones to melt and the tension to drain from my body

I'd also like my masseuse to look like him

My list of wants seem to get bigger and bigger. At least most of my needs are met. I'm thankful for that. But every woman want to have- at least one time- the ice cream with the sprinkles-cherry-nuts-and the chocolate sauce -instead of just the plain low-fat frozen vanilla yogurt. I'm hoping that a little of the former will come into my life soon.