Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Recycle a dream today!

Hey guys,

You know how I've been wanting a bike forever right. Well I didn't make that $449 purchase that I've been longing for. But with the help of my awesome dad I've breathed new life into my old bike. He raised by seat and the handle bars on my bike(who knew?). I took a spin on my newly renovated bike and I can safely say that It rides much better. Now that I have the height I want- my dad's going to work on the angle of the seat and putting on the new bike pedals I just bought. My new mission is to ride my bike in the morning-three times around my block every day-or at the very least every other day. On the days that I don't bike I'm going to walk it instead. I've been reading some weight loss books and they say that the best exercise time is in the morning. The dude from celebrity fit club-the cute doctor that started that 50 million pounds initiative-says that you can exercise in the morning and at night. I look forward to this new challenge. I'm still going down but feel like I need to amp things up a bit. Thanks to the wonderful Ms. L. who has been sending me awesome websites like hungrygirl@hungry-girl.com and the calorie counter thing. I learned that I probably need to tweak my eating habits a bit. I'm not eating nearly enough in the morning and afternoon and too much at night. This whole challenge has inspired me to learn new ways of cooking. I made a vegetarian fest last night. I sauteed garbanzo beans and spinach in a little olive oil with garlic. I also made squash and (the one thing not veggie)made a stir fry of mixed vegetables and ground turkey. I hate boring food so I have to find ways to make it good for me and taste awesome. I'll post some of my recipes as I perfect them. Simple is good. I'm of to work on my latest hat project and to watch some laurel and hardy.

check ya later kids


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