Friday, August 27, 2010

What's on your Player

I have been sadly slacking on my blog. Not because I have nothing to say but because an evil virus basically destroyed our home computer. Not to mention I've been looking for apartments,cars,and time to read and knit before school starts. So Here's a random list of the music I've heard this summer on the way to....


1. Eye of the tiger
2. My girl wants to party all the time(so weird right, some radio station in Indiana)
3. Super Freak(same weird radio station)
4. California Girls( some Katy Perry song-have no clue gets real old real fast)
5. I want to Sex you up(ever listen to a song when your an adult and think WWIT(what was I thinking)
6. All this Love(still love it)
7. Tick-Tock( annoying to say the least)

This is what comes from being unprepared on a long car trip. You are forced to depend on the radio for musical excellence.

Work to and From:

1. Glycerin
2. Heard about You(gen x station 106.7)
3. Jesus is Love (Still can't find that one on CD)
4. Champagne Life(Love it-or is it Ne-yo that I love-musically that is)
5. Step in the name of Love (still makes me want to move)
6. Back in Black
7. Jumping Jack Flash


1. Forgiven
2. The house that built me
3. Lead Me
4. Gimme Love
5. Cry me a River
6. All of Me
7. L-O-V-E
8. I Just haven't met you yet
You could probably tell that the last 4 songs are old torch songs. I'm beginning to think that I just might love the big band sound. I already like the dances. Now If I could just get someone to pay me to dance hmm..... well anyway Michael Buble is my singer of choice right now.
9. The Best of You
10. DOA( Foo Fighters make excellent gym music. nuff said.

So what artists have been lighting your fire lately? Lets share and by virtue of that sharing become even more musically diverse? I'm always willing to give anything a listen. Now if they would only create a website like Good Read but for Music listeners-how awesome would that be!