Friday, June 13, 2008

Ear Candy

I love music. For me It's as much what you say as how you present it. Sam Cooke has a song called "Tenderness"that I love. It's one of those songs that is all about love in action. It's like he's telling men how to treat their women. He starts out by saying "be nice to her whenever you can and when you cross the street always hold her hand you'll find out tenderness goes a long way. So smile at her when she does something wrong be there to pick her up and make her strong
you'll find out tenderness goes a long long way. I know sappy and mushy-I can be that way who doesn't want to be cherished?

I also like music that makes me want to jump around in total pat benetar fever. Lately I've been rocking out to Heart's Greatest hits. My favorite songs on this album include: Alone,There's the girl,What about love,These Dreams. Some songs weren't on this compilation that i love: I want you so bad,Barracuda,and Crazy on you. I'm totally a child of the eighties and because my computer no longer has it's cache of 80 music I'm going through withdrawal. I need some Hall and Oates and Journey STAT. I'll also need some Run DMC and KRS-One and Eric B. and Rakim. I just listened to Eric B. and Rakim's"Paid in Full". The video is so dope. It's like scratchin' with images not just sampling songs or beats. My other favorite Erick B. and Rakim song is "Eric B. for president"

I've also been feasting on a steady diet of musicals for the past week. I've been belting out "Defying Gravity" for the hit musical "Wicked" Love the lyrics.

"My friends" from the musical "Sweeny Todd" is another one of my favorites. I love johnny depps voice-I don't usually think of him as a singer. He does the accent perfectly. The whole cast is superb. I also like helen bonham carter.

Well that's what I've been listening to. What's in your player?


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