Friday, May 2, 2008

I want muscles

Hey guys,

What does the word vacation mean to you? Do your thought immediately turn to long naps in the middle of the day or getting up in the middle of the day. Do you look forward to reading all the novels you've been putting off for the past year. Maybe you think of trying new recipes or trying a new knitting pattern. Well for my vacation I intended to do all of those things. It didn't turn out that way. Wednesday night I did 3 exercise video tapes. I followed that up with a two hour hike on the Lyons fall trail at Mohican's national state park.

As you can see by the pictures it was a totally awesome trek. I felt almost like the girl I used to be. More adventurous and curious and willing to take a chance. I skipped over rocks,faced my fear of heights and conquered mountains. The next day I did water aerobics. If this doesn't increase my muscle mass I don't know what will.

see you


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allie said...

I want your motivation! :) Yeah You!