Friday, May 9, 2008

knitting pics

You know guys,
I thought about it and realized although my blog is titled a knitter in a weary land-I haven't shown you any pics of recent or past projects. So here's a little taste of what I've done.

I finished the little boat neck baby sweater in march of last year. It was so fun to do. I've also done some socks and cable hats. Here's my example of fair isle knitting.
My cousin's little girl was enamored with Dora the Explorer at the time and wanted a red and orange knit hat. How could I say no to that beautiful face. My next project was a fair isle theme with my alma mater's school colors. Let's here it for the Mansfield TY-Tygers!!

I'm back to knitting for profit and pleasure. I'm currently working on a dog sweater. Wish me luck.


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