Wednesday, April 30, 2008

what a tangled web...

Hey guys,

I did it I impulsively bought a bike. I decided that I couldn't wait and bought the first bike that found that kind of fit the make and model that i wanted. I've learned you can't substitute for quality. My co-worker Ms. D. allowed me to ride her 400 bike-the ride is so smooth. I'm taking my craptacular bike back and getting a real bike. Still working out and trying to melt some of myself away. When I get anorexic I'll stop_just kidding_I'll never stop-Just kidding. I don't want to get Lollipop head small-just small enough to do accomplish all of my dreams. I'm trying to balance my love for good food with my need to take care of my body. I'm hiking tomorrow and exercising tonight. I'll post pictures of my progress soon.

love peace and soul


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allie said...

You should bring your new bike to Grandview if it travels in your car. Of course it will put my old one to shame. :)