Tuesday, May 27, 2008

St. Louis or Bust?

Well guys I was planning on publishing a glorious post about my journey to St. Louis. Didn't happen. Bills are a pain in my bottom. All told I shelled out over $500 over this weekend. Not for gas and a hotel-that would have been nice-expensive but nice. No I paid for car insurance,cell phone bill,loan,car tags and renewal of my license. I absolutely hate that I couldn't do the spa day for my b-day. I have got to get multiple streams of income. I can't be broke anymore. It's not cute. To that end I finished my dog sweater but-I'm not sure about the sleeves. It might be a sleeveless . I'm afraid that when i sewed the sleeves in they became to stiff. So now I'm hanging on until everything clears my account and I'll move on from there. Check out my new play list. Kudos for Ms. A. being the first to do it. I'll be going to Mozart's tonight for some fun knitting action. I have a fair isle patter that I think I want to try. We'll see how it turns out.

check ya later


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