Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I love SNB's

hey guys,

Last night I spent some time with the lovely ladies from clintonville's SNB. We're not all from Clintonville but we meet in Clintonville alot. I love the information and affirmation I get from our meetings. I'm now looking even more to making things for fun and profit. I'm going to do some more dog sweaters and then I'll move on to children's sweaters and then adult. I'm also going to do some socks as well not to mention some fair isle hat projects I have in the works. I feel this total entrepreneurial spirit rising up in me. It's all about having multiple streams of income. I'm trying to be totally debt free in the next 2 years. There is so much that I want to do-I just have to plan it out so I can reach my destination before I'm 95. So I will start a saving fund for trips with the money I make from my crafted items. I'm going to become the architect of my own dream scape. I borrowed and idea from Ms. A. I now have a play list as well. you can send in request of songs you'd like to listen to while you're reading my blog. Speaking of readers-thank you guys for reading all my ramblings. I'm open to suggestions for topics you'd like to see or idea's that you have that would make a cool post. I like to talk and write so it's not hard for me to ramble on about any topic.

check ya later


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allie said...

I so enjoy BNL--haven't listened to them in ages.