Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Last dance-Last chance.

Well Guys,

It's my last day of being 32 and as I reflect on the past year I realize how blessed I've been. I have met so many wonderful people and become closer to some people. Ms. A is such a wonderful person. She is so brave and willing to try new things. I'm proud to be her friend. She inspires me and I love our walks together. I can tell her how I feel and who I have a stupid crush on and she's always the voice of reason. Mrs. J is so funny and so beautiful. She can see my beauty even when I can't. I always feel like being glamorous when I'm with her. I love spending time with her just talking and drinking tea at our favorite B&N. She makes everything fun. Ms. L. has been wonderfully supportive and constantly giving me things to try or to think about. Thanks so much for being an awesome friend. I can't wait to go camping with you-I'll finally learn what the great outdoors is all about(hopefully not just ticks and spiders-I prefer the smore's:). I've also had great volunteers who consistently show me what dedication is about and some have even welcomed me into their homes. I've spent time in the home of Ms. P. she's been so gracious and I've learned all about Clintonville and why I want to live there one day. It doesn't seem impossible anymore. I have even been invited to tour the new library at the Ohio state university by one of my new volunteers. The new library is going to be so beautiful. It's a mixture of the old and the new. They kept the original building built in 1912 and have renovated and restored it to it's former glory. They still have the stacks built in 1951 and have renovated it as well. The only thing totally remodeled is the third building built in 1971. That's all gone. It is now a state of the art space for reading and studying. It has tons of natural light and beautiful windows. Mere words can't describe the beauty. I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's finished. Hopefully I'll get invited again. Thanks again Ms. H. I have also grown closer to my co-workers being deep in the trenches with them has inspired genuine affection and a bond. It's more a sense of were all in this together so how can we make this better. I love the GIT-R-DONE mentality that our morning crew has. We all pitch in and work together to get things done. I love being part of an awesome team. I've been introduced to different authors-old movies(now I'm light weight addicted to TCM)-and I've laughed over TEAM AMERICA several times with my co-workers. All I have to do is start singing "Freedom isn't free" and we are all cracking up. What I've learned the most is how much everyone is alike. Our interest may be different but when it comes down to it we all want the same thing-a better world and a better future. So I'm not sad that I'm growing a year older- I'm proud to have such wonderful company on journey. I'm still downsizing and now I know even more that I can do it. This year has had it's ups and downs but I'm better for all of the challenges. So come and go with me as I continue on this roller coaster(usually I'm totally anti-coaster but I didn't have a choice in this one,gotta make the best of it:). If you'll hold my hand when I scream-I'll hold your hair back if you toss your cookies.

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