Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm fired up

Ladies and Gentlemen(I don't know if there's a guy who reads my blog but just in case I better include him:).I am changing-I haven't been this focused in a while. It feels so good-every time I make a better choice I'm one step closer to the me that I was meant to be. So I'm casting fear aside or at the very least doing something about my life even if I'm afraid. Exercising has become integral to my existence. I've also started drinking a lot of water. I feel great and I know that I'll start to see the changes in my body. I can already feel them. In a previous post I stated that I wanted muscle-well I have them now all over. There is nowhere on my body that isn't tighter or firmer. You may not see it when you look at me but underneath my fleshy exterior is a slab of muscles being strengthened everyday. I'm also doing something for my spirit. You have to renew your spirit sometimes. I love going to parks or going on hikes. This past weekend I went to Innis Woods . If you haven't been you need to go. It's beautiful and provides lots of great walking trails and neat little gardens that are so picturesque . If you're looking for a place to take senior pictures-Go to Innis woods. I took pictures of my niece that could have easily been great ones for senior pictures. This was in The Sisters Garden. They also had a really cool twisty garden with little cement plaques along the way that told you a story. I just thought everything was gorgeous. But the funniest one had to be this picture. Obviously it's a quote about water but no water is in the basin below.
It's in Westerville so please-this is a metro park you can support-it's close-go explore and be renewed.

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