Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ahhh Spring cleaning how I dearly......

Hey ladies and gents,

It's funny how things change. One day(like yesterday) your yelling at the top of your lungs at a baseball game,drinking hard lemonade,and eating pizza and have hilarious conversations anal people and their issues,listening to lovely live music at Byrnes pub and the next day.....
Today was a day of putting up window sheers(oh joy!) and pulling out the old lawn furniture and repositioning it on our lovely patio. This just confirms my belief that I was meant to be a lady of leisure. I hate cleaning-Love the way things look when everything is clean-but I hate the actual process. I watch all the TLC shows like trading spaces and design on a dime. Love Them!! Those shows are totally sneaky-they make you feel like you too could be the McGuyver of the HGTV world. Still my constant "While you were out" watching doesn't make me want to break out the dust buster and Elmer's wood glue and get to craftin' and cleanin. Maybe if I were in my own diggs I could get excited-but alas it is just a weigh station for the formerly cash deprived. I did do something for myself or should I say for my car. I channeled my inner Rosie the riveter and replaced the break light bulb on my car. No car manual needed for this fair dame. I have courage and ingenuity to spare. I also have a weird need to be able to do things for myself. My pastor suggested that I take my car to the dealership being that I had just bought the car a couple months ago. "Capitol suggestion my good man!" Alas there were no grease monkey's at the auto mall zoo today. So I figured I'd give it the old college try and decided to figure this one out for myself. What's that wonderful sound-could it be the sound of your turn signal returning to it's slow melodic waltz? What a vast difference from the speedily frantic cha-cha it was doing earlier in the week. It's such a feeling of accomplishment when you repair stuff. I paid 4.44 for my light bulbs and no labor cost. I feel like I could fix anything now. To top it off I figured out how to fix the audio file problem on our computer-how cool is that. Maybe I was meant to be a singing mechanic-who Knows. For now I was meant to be in bed dreaming of my house in Paris or Italy or was that Hawaii?

check-ya later kids

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