Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Can I give you some unsolicited advice in a round about way?

Hey Guys,

It's funny when people won't say anything to your face about your size,but all of a sudden the conversation turns to weight loss strategies and body building techniques and the weight watchers points system. I don't know what it is about being around a person of size that makes people think they can say just anything. If I here one more:You'd be pretty if.....
I'd love you more if......You're an awesome person if only you could....

Lose some weight! I'm going to scream. When are we going to wake up to the fact that it matters how you treat people. Not just the pretty or handsome skinny ones either. I'm a person of substance,courage,and valor. I'm funny,encouraging,kind,generous,helpful,loving. What more could you want in a person. It's almost like people are subconsciously doing comparison shopping. Trying to see how they measure up to those around them. Measure me by the size of my heart not the size of my thighs. That being said- I am losing weight by making better food choices-but if you're in it for the package only-pass me by. I need someone who can see me as I truly am-a beautiful person in transition. Changing to be the best me I can be. You miss out on awesome people when you're appearance based only.


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allie said...

Here, Here! I agree, often these people feel as if they are being encouraging, when really they are just adding furstration to an already furstrating issue. You are WONDERFUL! Don't forget that!

Any decisions on the bike? I've been looking myself and my be in the market too? maybe?