Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hurry and Don't wait

I'm wearing a frowny face right now-No not just because Obama didn't win Pennsylvania-my current sour disposition is directly correlated to the fact that I waited too long to put in a application for this job at Ohio Wesleyan and the job has been removed from their website. That so sucks-I've been filling out the application forever i just could never seem to get all the needed information together in one place. You have to send in a application, three letters of recommendation,your resume and cover letter. Now in a perfect world I would have had all of these documents on my trusty flash drive. I'm starting to get it together though. It's part of my get organized push. So what am I doing to get organized you may ask? Good question kids-I finally have my letter of recommendation from my former boss-the most recent reincarnation of my resume and cover letter-a list of the jobs that I have worked and their address phone numbers and the like-on my flash drive. I guess it's better luck next time. Well I did put in for a job at Columbus state. On a much happier note-I got my tax refund today-what a happy surprise-yes desi there is a Santa Claus. How lame is this-I'm not thinking of all the things I'll buy with my refund-I'm thinking of all the people I'm going to pay off. I'm taking a one way ticket out of debtville on the first thing smokin'. I love being on a even keel-I can now afford my bike and continue working on downsizing my thighs. Spring always makes me think of lovers and being in love. I'm craving my romance of the century- You know the one where your soul recognizes his-where you mesh so well you know it's god sanctioned and preordained. I gotta be ready when my dream steps into my life. I hope I recognize him. Hope he see me. Not running in front of God-just trying to keep pace with him. So I'm not willing to except crappy offerings-no baby mama drama-no have no ambition and could you take care of me cause i don't feel like working-none of that brown sugar. This is not a "Let it please be him oh dear God it must be him, it must be him or I will die(watch moonstruck with Cher to understand the reference) "moment. I'm willing to wait for some one perfectly special to me. I'm working on my own love light shining a little brighter.


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