Saturday, April 5, 2008


I feel so good right now. I've actually started making a list and checking it twice. Yesterday I got everything I'd been putting off doing done! How cool is that. I've learned something about myself. If I write it down in a little notebook-I'm more apt to do it. So I'm now going to create Desi's book of things to do before she turns 40. Here's a sample of some of my top things to do. Roam where I want to, Start a small business, Get physical,find me somebody to love, Find my life's work. It's all about being flexible-I've been reading this great book called finding your life's work. I've spent most of my time trying not to be interested in to many things at one time or letting other people in my life dictate what I should be interested in. So I've got to find a way to be that guitar playing,salsa dancing, hard core knitting,glass blowing,body building,car repairing lady you all know and love. I know that you take on too much your focus becomes scattered and you may not accomplish anything. So I'm going to be flexible and figure out a way to be good at being me. wish me luck!


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