Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just a few words about enemas

A couple days ago I had the weirdest conversation with a customer at work. I seem to be a magnet for the weird and strange-people and conversation topics. It all started when a customer asked where I had been. I at first didn't recognize him but then I remembered helping him with checking out the last time he was in. So he tells me he has something to pick up-so I do my customer service shtick and help him get the item. Now in a perfect world it would have ended with my warm smile and his casual wave goodbye-alas that was not to be. He then told me he was looking for information about older people in relationships-okay cool I can handle that. Found the info for him and that's where the conversation starts to go off the rails. One of my co-workers walks by and she's wearing a skirt -he takes this opportunity to lament the fact that young girls don't wear pantyhose anymore-how random was that. He then tells me that he's old enough to be my grandfather(at this point I'm kinda getting a weird interested in getting to know you vibe-help!). So he proceeds to ask me if my mother was the home remedy type of mother. I don't think anything of answering his question honestly-I told him that she was a home remedy type being that she's from Alabama. That's when he starts talking about how the blacks in the south are keeping up with tradition(what tradition?) Now how did we get to this point in our conversation? I don't know-he then ask me if I had taken cod liver oil,Castor oil and the like-I admit that i am familiar with these oils(yuck!!)-then we travel into the uncharted territory of enemas-He says I know that it's a weird topic(notice how that didn't stop him from asking his questions) but did your mother ever give you enemas? How do you come back from that-I told him no she did not. He asked so many question that had no relevance to the job that i was performing. I could see if I was a nurse doing a rectal exam- but obviously I'm not. He then tells me that his mother believed in you being totally clean-if you didn't open up and take the medicine orally, they got you down below. What a visual! I've got to stop talking once the conversation dives into the bowels of hell. We then ended the conversation and he went on his merry little way. I'm still cracking up over it. Moments like these remind you to laugh a little at life. I would never have know what the water bottle with the long tube hanging in my mother's bath tub was if i hadn't spoke to him. You live and you learn and then you get luvs.

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