Friday, April 4, 2008

Why don't we ride- side by side-yes why don't we ride

Hey guys,-

I'm in total bike fever right now. I'm really aching to plunk down $400 plus dollars and put my lime green retro-glide(with the granny seat!yes!) in my trunk. I want to ride every day this spring If i can manage it. There's no greater feeling than peddling up a long hill and coasting down the other side. The feel of the wind pressing against your body as you gain momentum is such a rush. It's also great for you legs. I'm trying to downsize my thighs by doing exercises that I actually like. I prefer weight training to cardio-although I know that cardio is a necessary evil. So bike riding has always been fun for me. I'm not sure that I can wait until next pay to buy a bike. I saw a bike kind of like my green one but markedly much cheaper-it's only $185 dollars-with tax I could walk away for maybe less than $200 dollars. I thought about going the cheap route and getting a walmart reject-but I've done that and my butt has paid the price for it. you would think they would make seats for people who actually have seats. To date I'm down 20 pounds and I'm looking to knock off another by June. I love this kind of down sizing. I can actually feel the changes in my body. As I've said before It's not vanity that's making me do this. Or wanting Mr. G.Q to notice me-It's all about me and what I want to do with my life. I want to dance and to do that I've got to be able to move. See you at my next milestone. I'll be the one wearing a smaller size and wearing my new confidence like a shield.

see ya again friends.


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allie said...

My vote is to hold out for what you really want, unless you can buy a seat to fit the less expensive one. You have been talking about it for ages, so I say get what you want.