Saturday, March 15, 2008

To have kids or not to have kids

Working at the library has really opened my eyes to what it means to have kids. You see the whole range of options. The screamers,pouters,runners,grabbers to the adorable,pleasant,quietly awesome children. I love being and aunt and truly do love my niece and nephew. But I think that's enough for me. I don't need to experience 18 years of non stop roller coaster madness. I'm just not that type of girl. If I could genetically alter the child so that they always did what I said,Never made any messes,Always said please and thank you and always did their chores,maybe I would consider it. Besides the sheer cost of raising a child-with child care being upwards of $140 a week-The thought of physically going through child birth is enough to make me want to get my tubes tied and laminated. Don't get me wrong kids are definitely wonderful for the right person. I just don't think that person is me. You may ask where did all this come from? I just took my niece and nephew to lunch at a local Chinese restaurant. There was a kid there who never stopped screaming. You need the patience of Job to be able to put up with that everyday. So to all my mothers and fathers out there-I salute you and applaud your effort. You amaze me.

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allie said...

sLaminated! LMAO!