Friday, March 14, 2008

The Golden Years?

Today when we opened the library there were about 50 to 60 elderly people waiting to get in. There was a meeting about senior employment services from 9a-1p. Food for thought ladies and gentlemen. Prepare for your future,I know you can't predict everything and no one has a crystal ball(or if they do I'd be highly suspicious of the predictions),But we have to try. Just looking at the amount of people in their supposed "Golden Years" looking for ways to find work is a startling comment on our current economic structure. If you don't protect yourself with money you can easily get to then it could be you looking for employment when your 85. I don't want to be in that number So I'm trying to get my finances in order. It just goes to show-you can't trust any company with you money-it's much better resting in your pocket or in a money market account rather than funding the CEO's trips to the Bahamas. So make like rocky the squirrel and squirrel away some cash for those golden years. If you have access to deferred comp-do it. Ditto for 401k's and Roth IRAs. It won't hurt nearly as much as not having the cash when you need it most. Lets avoid Payday lending places like the plague. I just finished a great book on disc called the total money makeover by Dave Ramsey. I'm working on my $500 "Oh Crap" fund. Do what you can while your healthy enough and free enough to do it. I'll met you there in Retirementville with a pair of knitting needles and a glass of shiraz . I'm ready to go the distance. Are you?


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