Saturday, March 1, 2008

Desi Light

I have never liked the term "Lite" way to cutesy like the word was trying to take up less space so it dropped some critical letters. I am how ever trying to get into shape. I've discovered something about myself on this journey-and no I'm nowhere near where I want to be-I've realized that this has to be my journey for myself-not because I want to be the new Hot Girl at the office-and not because I've succumbed to all the comments I've been the recipient of for years. It boils down to one fact-I don't want to live out the consequences of a sedentary life style. So I push myself to walk in the snow-I push myself to cook for myself and not eat out-I put myself to bed early so I can get my eight-I do strength training as much as possible. I just want to feel good -not about the way my body looks but about how my body actually feels. I notice that when I'm exercising my inner athlete comes out-She's been on the bench way to long. I'm also not focusing on the pain but focusing on the small changes in my body that occurs when I excercise-The firmness of the muscle underneath the flab-The energy that I have-My flexiblity and beauty of my body. Most people don't see how beautiful we all are. You have to realize the you're beautiful now-Excercising just enhances your beauty it doesn't make you beautiful. I'm not trying to be come a negative zero but I am trying to be more compact. Maybe this post shouldn't be titled Desi Lite but Desi Condensed-Just add Water.

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