Thursday, March 20, 2008

Do you ever feel

Do you ever feel like it's taking you forever to - Turn that corner-Turn over that new leaf-Leave the past where it belongs(in the past)-. I'm was in one of those moods today. I've decided I'm done waiting for my life to start. I can play it safe and never do anything or I can make some changes and take some chances. Change is the spice of life they say. Who wants to live in a constant vegetative state? Not I- I have way to much pizzaz and spunk to let the "if only's " get me down. So I'm making a concrete effort to make right choices. I don't always fair well but at least i'm doing better than I used to. I saw my old boss today-you know sometimes you don't realize just how much you miss someone until you get the chance to vibe with them again. It was like seeing and old friend I haven't seen in years. It truthfully gave me hope. People like this always remind you that you of your good traits. They help you see the possibilities instead of the negativity. It was just a short talk and I felt ready to move on. I'm just praying that god would see my heart and work on moving me into a place of growth rather than stagnation. Do not go gently into the good night-Rage Rage against the dying of the day. We are going to get out of this pit and move forward. Put your problems on notice-Look out world there's a new queen in town.