Saturday, February 14, 2009

Who's Got the Spirit!

Hey guys,

I figured I'd treat myself to a 2 dollar show at the cheapie cinema in the field. I chose the spirit. The spirit is based on 1940's comic staring a vigilante who fights along side everyday working Joe's. "The spirit" has all the elements of a hero film. He's hard to kill,great to look at,and fights crime on the mean streets of central city(What a name for a town),And he always gets his girl(and everyone Else's'). I kid you not-there was a scene where this female reporter is asking him to give advice to kids-He tells them not to be hard on their parents and smiles at the camera-Colgate smile with the little twinkle and everything. I thought the next line was going to be "Give a hoot don't pollute" or "Take a bite out of Crime!". Total after school special time. The dialogue was like a bad imitation of Bogie and Bacall's interplay. Visually however it was beautiful. Just like sin city the contrasts are stunning. The spirit dresses in all black but has a blood red tie-so hot right!! and these brilliantly white shoes-no matter what he's stepped in the shoes look brand new. The scene with Samuel L. Jackson in a Nazi general uniform was startling. It was just a treat for the eyes. If you appreciate lighting and color contrast and the like-you might like the film-just don't listen to the dialogue.I could totally watch the film without sound and not miss it.


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