Sunday, February 8, 2009

Where in the world did Desi go?

I took another road trip guys. You know how I love to travel. Guess where.
My friends and I met and had lunch at a place called "The Pub"

we watched "football" on the telly(Liverpool and Portsmouth-Liverpool won-I like their jersey better anyway).
The food was good but the wait was crazy. Getting seated wasn't a problem-getting our food and someone to take our money- hour and half for the first,20 minutes(after she gave us the bill)for the second a little much. She did however give us a free appetizer-so it's all good.

Clue #1
It's home to Huffy Bicycles(The bikes of my childhood. Picture this-flowered banana seats and whistling straws on my spokes and sparkly tassels on the handlebars-ah the good old days) ,Lexis Nexis, and America's Packard Museum.

Clue #2
The city was founded on April 1, 1796 by a small group of US settlers seven years before the admission of Ohio to the Union in 1803.

Clue #3
It's primary nickname is the "Gem City". Local "Gems" The Wright brothers, poet Paul Laurence Dunbar, and entrepreneur John H. Patterson were born here.

Final analysis, I had a great time. I always said that I wanted to spend my weekends taking small trips. It's awesome to have friends that help you make your dreams come true. So Where was I?



Brandon said...

This one is too easy, it's my home away from home Dayton, Ohio. You know they used to have a hockey team called the Dayton Gems. Didn't the Wright brothers make bikkes?

Anonymous said...

Glad I could keep you from your cleaning to the day. :) Thanks for being a trooper with all the other stuff going on.


Desi's Thoughts and Idea's said...

You are correct Brandon. I wish I could say I had some wonderful parting gifts for you but, times are tough. How about a link to an old radio show archive I found.

thanks for playing