Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Out of Commision-would like to make a commission

Hey guys,

You know how your going along and everything is kosher in your world and then BAM! You get hit with an unexpected bill. Well it was car repair time for me. My power steering light kept coming on so like any good motorist I took it to the dealership. I figured the car's only two years old maybe it's just a faulty sensor-no problem-can't be that expensive,right? I was of course totally wrong-the wiring in my steering wheel was bad so i had to get a new steering column unit-how much did you say. It cost me $710.00. Now I'm living like a college student again and hoping to scrounge up enough gas money until the next pay day. I had just been looking at my accounts-My savings were getting healthy again and I was thinking about buying a good digital camera,a massage,etc. So in the interest of not making this a total gloom and doom post let's see what $700 dollars can get you in today's economy.

$700 can send you on a carnival cruise for 7 days. That's your lodging,food,and entertainment-not to mention all the cool places you get to go. This is a picture of my own personal island-St. Thomas-awesome view from my balcony.

$700 can almost get you two Royal treatment from Charles Penzones
The Royal Treatments: $360
Feel like Royalty when you enjoy the luxurious abundance of restorative spa services in this pampering collection. This package includes: Orientation, Body Polish Massage, Deluxe Papaya Facial, Salt Glow Manicure, Salt Glow Pedicure, Haircut & Design, Makeup Application and a Catered Meal. 7 hrs.

That's right ladies and gentlemen they spend 7 hours on you. That infinitely trumps the graham auto mall customer waiting room-where you may wait for 3 hours but you will not be refreshed-although you wallet will be lighter.

$700 dollars and get you a Fujifilm FinePix S100fs Digital Camera

The Fujifilm FinePix S100fs (Film Simulation) digital camera provides an all-in-one solution for photo enthusiasts and advanced amateur photographers seeking the manual controls and functionality of a Digital-SLR, without the hassle and expense of additional lenses and other accessories. It is equipped with a 14.3x Fujinon zoom lens (28mm-400mm equivalent) to capture a broad range of subjects from wide-angle landscapes to extreme telephoto for sports and wildlife shooting, Fujifilm's SuperCCD VIII HR with 11 MegaPixels of resolution for sharp, detailed pictures, and the RP (Real Photo) III processor that provides fast operation and advanced shooting capabilities. The FinePix S100fs also incorporates some of the features found in the FinePix S5 Pro - Fujifilm's flagship professional camera; including film simulation (fs) modes, advanced bracketing functions, and settings that expand the camera's dynamic range to a range similar to that of negative film.

I can also fly to Paris -round trip mind you for less than
$700 That's taxes and everything-well almost everything.

1 Review trip details
1 traveler, round-trip (29 days, 28 nights) More flight details Total airfare, taxes and fees: $ 574.77
Please note: At least one airline in this trip charges an additional fee for checked baggage. This fee is not included in your total trip cost. See details
Price Assurance Get our lowest fare or an automatic cash refund.
Wed, Feb 18 Depart: 2:24 pm Columbus, OH (CMH) United Airlines 7828

1 stop
Arrive: 6:35 am next day Paris, France (CDG) Lufthansa 9377
operated by UNITED AIRLINES -- UA 0914

Wed, Mar 18 Depart: 11:30 am Paris, France (CDG) Lufthansa 9376

operated by UNITED AIRLINES -- UA 0915
1 stop
Arrive: 6:44 pm

Thanks for going on this mythical journey with me. I've got to make some more money so I'll be hocking all of my old Cd's to half price books and seeing if they'll give me a couple dollars for it.



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allie said...

Sorry Kid, that sucks!! Maybe the knitting will provide some extra cash. :)