Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ear Candy

Hey guys,

Sometimes music can be an awesome vehicle. It can transport you back to a time when your were truly free and the world held so much promise and possibilities. I've been listening lately to the music of my childhood. These were artist that my father played in the house and that I heard on the radio. I recently got back in touch with my inner 70's soul music vibe.
so I've been listening to.....

My top five: Earth Wind and Fire

1. Devotion
2. Sing a Song
3. Pure Gold
4. Serpentine Fire
5. Shining Star

My top five: The Gap Band

1. Outstanding
2. Yearning for your love
3. You dropped a bomb on me
4. Early in the morning
5. I don't believe you want to get up and dance

My top three: Switch

1. There'll never be
2. I call your name
3. Call on me

My top three: Ambrosia

1. The biggest part of me.
2. Your the only woman.
3. How much I feel.

All of these songs will hit that metaphysical sweet spot in my inner ear when I hear them. I can be doing anything and you'll see me start to sway and sing along. I can't help it by body just wants to rejoice. Give some of these artist a try. You maybe surprised by how many you know already.


1 comment:

Brandon said...

"You dropped a bomb on me" is one of the greatest songs of all time, I love that song. the video is just as cool, they just don't make music like they used to.