Friday, February 20, 2009

What not to do at the gym

I know it's been a while since my last post. My life has been a little hectic leaving me little time to write. I have been doing my best to not let the winter blahhhsss deter me from my daily trip to the gym. While i feel I've bonded with my gym and feel better everyday-i have also learned some valuable lessons inside the gym.

Lesson #1" Hold me Now(thompson twins)"

if you're going to read on the tread mill hold on to something. I was totally into this story and thought i was keeping pace with the machine-I wasn't. My foot felt the roller at the end of the tread mill which let me know I was close to an embarrassing fall. So I've improved my reading at the gym technique. I know hold onto the machine while holding on to the book! It's great! I can read and get fit.

Lesson #2 Who's gonna drive you home(The Cars)

After an exhilarating workout don't get so relaxed that you don't pay attention to traffic. I was walking to my car feeling all sorts of good(you know that worked out hard jello leg feeling) when I was almost run down by a guy in a Honda. I saw him coming and thought I had moved out of his way. He kept coming at me. He had so much stuff in his car that he didn't even see me.

Lesson #3 When the lights go down in the city(Journey!!!)
I was at the gym pedaling my little life away when the gym suddenly went dark. What's a girl to do when the gym goes dark but the machine you're on hasn't. I kept on trucking riding out the last 30 minutes of my session in the dark and doing my leg machines in the dark. It was ultra cool the lights went out and those little security lights came on. I felt like I was in a bad horror flick. I could just see Jason/Freddy's face showing up in the mirror beside mine. The red lights on the bike glowed eerily-kind of creeped me out. Add to that the sudden smokey atmosphere. I guess with the fans off the heat from all the gym rats fogged up the place a bit.

There are three lessons that you can apply to life's persistent questions. I'll be posting another where's Desi been tomorrow-this time it won't be easy.

check ya later


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