Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where in the world has desi been

Hello ladies and Gents.

Let's play Where in the world has desi been-the game show with thrills,chills and surprises. This time I didn't leave our fair city but,I did go somewhere out of the ordinary. I was going about my day when we received a call from another library requesting assistance. So I quickly doned my LW(library woman)cape and dashed off to offer my help to the branch.

Clue #1
The library that I was at first opened in 1969. The current location was built in 1991 and expanded in 1998. It is gorgeous. First they have these pillars that look like mini light house towers. There new book area is a set of blonde wood box-like shelves with a dark blue background. Light shines directly on the new books inviting you to take a look. Also they have recliners in their break room-really awesome ones.

Clue #2
The city in which the library resides is also known as a bedroom community, with most of its residents traveling to neighboring Columbus or other suburbs of Columbus to work. It's also the home town of Seth Stammler, defenseman/midfielder for MLS side Red Bull New York.

Clue #3
the community name comes from a local Native American word describing the meeting of three creeks, as the community is located at the confluence of branches of Big Walnut Creek.

So where did I job hop to? It is a really beautiful branch-you should visit if you get the chance. But don't take my word for it. Here's a review of the library I found.

I can get the world for free!
By Food L. | Insider Expert
This place recently got in like 1996. Okay, so this is a place you can borrow stuff and get stuff done. And ask questions. Um, this place rocks. And it is 5-stars because, well, it IS the best library in the United States. Part of the best libraries of the nation.

It is a large building. If you look at it from the outside, from left to right you have:
Quiet area, Fiction, non-fiction, computers, reference, tutor rooms, childrens' books/equipment. If you have ANY questions, you have this huge front desk. They can get to know you; they could be your new best friend if you come here often enough.



Brandon said...

I think I know this one, Is it Gahanna.

Desi's Thoughts and Idea's said...

You guessed correctly. Have you ever been? It's so beautiful.