Tuesday, February 3, 2009

what's in your player?

I've been listening to

I like Walter Dean Myers. He's and excellent writer. He expertly weaves together the life a of a young soldier. You see him going through a change or evolution as the book goes along. I'm not having a maloox moment but the book did make me cry and really think about the lives of men and women of the armed forces. They give up so much to fight a battle they didn't choose to get into. One of my favorite lines from the book is when "Birdy" ask Jameel and Iraqi what he thought about the war. "I would cut off the body rather than cutting off the head of a camel. If you cut off the head the body doesn't know what it is. If you cut off the body the head know's it's dead" (paraphrase). Birdy is the main character and it chronicle his army life-starting with his decision to enlist after 9/11. I came away from this book with a sense of casualties of war-not just death and dying but your own views of why you joined and who you're risking your life for.

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