Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Taking Chance

Taking Chance is an HBO film about real life events of Lt. Col. Michael Strobl who volunteers to be the military escort for body of Marine Chance Phelps. Kevin Bacon plays Strobl who brings the soldier's body back to their family. What struck me most about the film was all the care and respect the body received on it's return home. You see everything that happens from the soldiers placing ice in the box with the coffin. Each soldier salutes as the coffin is loaded onto the plane. You then see how they clean the body-How carefully the body and it's personal effects-watches-dog tags-medals are washed clean of blood. Then you see how the transfer effects not just the family but all who come in contact with the body. From the Airline pilot who asked for a moment of silence for the solider and his escort-The flight attendant who gave Strobl a small silver crucifix for the family-to a league of cars who make up an impromptu processional on Chance's journey home. This war takes so much out of us but also brings us closer together. No one can watch this film and be unmoved. It's not a rallying cry for us to all take up arms and fight the enemy-it's a call for us to remember that each life has value and to respect the service that was offered to us. I highly recommend watching this film.


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