Saturday, August 9, 2008

Push Back or Hand Brake?

Hey guys,

I have just finished my week of riding everyday with a twist. Instead of riding my normal mountain bike-This morning I rode an old bike with the push back brakes. So which one do I like the best? Well I like the speed and seating of the push back bike. The tires are thinner so I get more out of my pedaling. I also don't have to lean forward to reach the handles. I can sit up straight and focus on pedaling. What don't I like? Coasting pretty much sucks-you can't push back and coast-you almost automatically slow down. If you stop pedaling you slow down faster which means the pick up is harder. My mountain bike while it doesn't have the style of a old bike-makes up for it with hand breaks and more maneuverability. Coasting? not a problem at all. I think the push bike is more of a work out in some ways because it's one speed and you get no help because there are no gears. All and All I like my mountain bike but the push back is fun to ride once in a while.

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