Sunday, August 24, 2008

Camping Part Deux

Here are some pictures from the camping trip. I thought Moonville was one of best parts of the trip. The legend of moonville says that on the night of a full moon you'll see the conductor looking for his head. Here's what the newspaper said about it.A brakesman on the Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad fell from the cars near Cincinnati Furnace, on last Tuesday March 29, 1859 and was fatally injured, when the wheels passing over and grinding to a shapeless mass the greater part of one of his legs. He was taken on the train to Hamden and Doctors Wolf and Rannells sent for to perform amputation, but the prostration of the vital energies was too great to attempt it. The man is probably dead ere this. The accident resulted from a too free use of liquor." We did all the normal camping things-we hiked-we played games and made smore's. The first night we were there was so beautiful. I've never seen so many stars.
And now you know the rest of the story.(Paul Harvey...Good Day)


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