Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Boxer and The Spy a review...

Hey guys,

I've decided to do a review of "The Boxer and The Spy" By Robert Parker. I read it in basically one night but someone finished before me. My niece is becoming a speed reader so we're going to do the review together.

Q:What did you like the most about the book?(Desi)

Kaylin: I think the best part of the book was part when Mr. Bullard and George the boxing teacher fight. George really beat Mr. Bullard's butt-taught him who's right.

Desi: I just loved the fact that the main character was a guy who was not afraid to stand up for his girl and his classmates. I also liked the fact that his girl was his best friend and they understood each other so well. One more thing-I like the fact that he was a smart boxer and used his skills wisely. I also liked that he listened to George and used what he learned.

Q:Do you think Abby and Terry belonged together?(Kaylin)

Desi: Yes-I mean how great is it to find someone you can hang with and talk things over with. I mean they were not afraid to admit that they like each other. They were also honest about how their changing relationship could affect their friend ship. That's real love.

Kaylin: Easy question-of course they belong together. They listen to each other-the talked about their feelings. They were best friends for a long time and they were crime buddies. What else can you ask for?

Q: What did you think of George's character?(Desi)

Kaylin: I think he played a big part in the story. He was a great role model and he taught Terry right from wrong and strategy and to believe he was a good boxer.

Desi: I thought George's character was part father-part teacher. He not only taught Terry different boxing combinations which built his determination and endurance-He also taught him life lessons that would show him when to use his strength and when to use his brain. I absolutely loved the scene when he fights Mr. Bullard. There's something so awesome about his unassuming demeanor and the way he cleaned Mr. Bullard's clock.

Q:Did you ever think in part of the book that the author was African-American?(Kaylin)

Desi: Because I work at the library and have shelved many books by Mr. Parker-I knew that he was not african american. The speech patterns of George could lead someone to maybe think that Mr. Parker was.

Kaylin: Yes at some point-I think that because in the book Terry reminded me of guy that I knew. And George reminded me of a Pro african-american boxer. Abby reminded me of somewhat of one of my best friends. Mr. Bullard reminded me of my principal.

Q: Which Character was your favorite in the book and why?(Desi)

Kaylin: I would say of course Abby. Because she was outgoing-she was smart and from terry's point of view she was beautiful. And She was funny-she reminds me of me. I'm smart-I'm beautiful-no I'm gorgeous-and I'm outgoing and fun.

Desi: (that's my niece for you-ever so modest) My favorite character was Terry. He loved simple things about abby(like the way she listened to him as if everything he said was important). I also loved his dedication to anything he put his mind to. Tank had it right when he said that Terry never let go of anything. He fought through his fear and won.

Q:What did you think of Ms. Trent?(Kaylin)

Desi: I thought she was skunky potatoes to use a term from one of my co-workers. Underhanded-rotten no redeeming qualities.

Kaylin: I think Ms. Trent is a liar and is obviously not happy with the marriage she had and wanted to hook up with a low paid principal. You can do better than that girl. She lied to the kids and she cheated on her husband. Now would you want her to be your Governor? No. Of course not. The people speak for itself and by the people I mean me.

Q: Who was your least favorite character and why?

Kaylin: Me I would have to choose Ms. Trent and Mr. Bullard. Because both of them are having an affair-both of them are married-Mr. Bullard killed someone-and Ms. Trent is running for Governor and she's a stinky no skunky potatoe. One last thing-both of them had schemes of doing something horrible with the technical art center.

Desi: For me it would be a toss up between Kip Carter and Mr. Bullard. While eventually you feel a little sorry for Kip he was so much a jerk in the first part of the book that you don't want to like give him a second chance. However-Mr. Bullard was a jerk from day one and he never grew out of it.

Q: Why won't desi stop singing?(Kaylin)

Desi: Because I love all the high notes in "Got to be Real" and I'm a grown woman so you can't stop me.

Kaylin: You're a grown woman who needs to stop singing. And high notes are my thang not yours.

Desi: Whatever!

Q: Would you recommend this book to other people?

Kaylin: Yes. Because this book is such and inspiration for people of all ages. It also teaches you things like never take steroids unless you're in the hospital or recommended by a doctor.

Desi: Yes if you like a good read that's fast paced and works for adults as well as teens.

Well folks we've to go now.

Desi: Thanks kaylin for visiting my blog and reading with me.

Kaylin: and correcting your mistakes. and you're very welcome I enjoyed myself and peace out to my bloggers.

check ya later



shawn said...

yea i actually liked this book it was one of the only books ive read this year and it is real good

shawn said...

i relly liked this book it was pretty good better than other books ive read