Sunday, July 6, 2008

What Not to Eat

Hey Guys,

Many of you may know that I'm on a quest to eat better. Well I've been pretty good so far. I've made the appropriate changes. Incorporated more leafy greens and colors into my diet-increased my exercise regimen-sleep the right amount-you know the works. Well I got it into my head that I could make a low fat milkshake. I got my Edie's smooth and creamy reduced fat mint chocolate chip ice cream(taste awesome),and my two percent milk -and even sugar free chocolate syrup. Looks like all the makings right? WRONG! It ended up being a soupy mess that didn't taste like or resemble the mint mudslide milkshake from McDonald's. (Sidebar)I feel that it is my duty to warn you about the perils of going sugar free. I started to use the sugar free syrup but decided to taste it first(I'm not so glad that I did).I squirted a little of the syrup on my finger(almost like a makeshift tooth brush) and put my finger in my mouth. What happened next was beyond my control. It started with a loud exclamation(OH MY GOD,OH MY GOD) followed by several YUK'S,squinting of the eyes,trying to remove my tongue from my mouth and more (OH MY GOD THAT'S AWFUL,OH GOD THAT REALLY SUCKS,OH GOD) . Did I receive any sympathy from my folks? Of Course Not. They were too busy laughing at me to get me some water. My dad did his classic "I told you so" routine. Here's a word to the wise-If you have someone in your family who's a diabetic and THEY tell you that something sugar free sucks?(BELIEVE THEM!). They know from whence they speak. Here is a picture of the offender

Now maybe you love the taste of sugar free syrup. Maybe it's the shot in the arm you need each morning. This syrup will definitely open your eyes. Go Ahead and enjoy it all you want. If you work with me and you're reading this post-You've been warned-I'm leaving it as a free item in the break room. I am now going to look for recipes to satisfy my sweet tooth instead of winging it. Until I find them fruit will have to be my respite.


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