Thursday, July 17, 2008

NorthStar Restaurant- Friend or Foe?

Hey Guys

Last night I went to meet my fellow SNB'ers at North Star. It's my second time there and I finally got around to getting some food. Well I walk in and place my order. I told the lady behind the counter that we have a co-worker in common. I then go on to explain how our mutual co-worker had brought cookies from North Star to work and how awesome they were. WELL long story short-They accused my co-worker of stealing the cookies and when she proved with a receipt that she had bought the cookies-They told her that she didn't smile enough (are you kidding me-she's the most friendly person I've met recently)or engage customers enough. They then FIRED HER! She was two weeks away from having her 1 year anniversary at North Star. At that time she would have received 1 week of paid time off. Coincidence? I think not. They also fired another guy who was 3 weeks away from making his yearly evaluation. Who wants to eat at a place that treats their workers like crap? Not I-And I hope that you won't either. Tell all you're friends not to go to North Star. You vote with your dollar. Don't support a place that has shady business practices. I mean how stupid is it to fire someone who buys your cookies and shares them with other people-increasing your revenue because the cookies are awesome. The only reason I went to North Star is because of the sample cookie I received from her. What kind of world is it when sharing cookies gets you fired. Dumb move on North Stars part. They lost someone who was actively promoting them outside work. What total idiots they are.


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allie said...

Shady! I hope the SNB doesn't meet there in the future. Keep me updated on where they are meeting next.