Friday, July 11, 2008

Rockin' Down the Highway.

Hey Guys,

I'm not really rockin down the highway but I did try to bike to the library today. The home brary not the work one. I have learned something interesting about my self. While I love riding my bike-I'm not so much for the ducking and diving between trucks on the main road. So I wussed out and road like a little kid on punishment-you know when your parents would only let you go so far. So I'll be picking up my exercise in a different way today. I'm currently at the library typing this important missive for my readers. I just learned something from the lady at the next computer-The ANTICHRIST is on the move. Yep She asked me for help with printing so of course I helped her. She happened to be looking into a guy who is the head of the European Union. She told my why he's the antichrist and showed me all of this information. So folks when the crap hits the fan-Remember You heard it here first. Kind of sound like a advertisement doesn't it. I've been listening to a lot of old radio shows lately. My faves so far are The Aldrich Family(Actually pretty funny) and Casey Crime Photographer. What cracks me up about the crime photograhper is the sound of all the fighting and the way they talk while the fights going on. "Here Take That! Mr. Bigelow-and Here's some for your other friends! " The you hear all these crashes and booms and cries from the other guy. Well I'm mainly working on my other sock today. I'm thinking about dumping my Pine cone flowers however after learning from a friend that they are a magnet for my arch nemesis "The Dreaded Butterfly" (Cue the horror movie music..... and Cut!) My basil is doing fantastic and is growing up big and strong. Soon I'll have enough to share. If you need some basil or know someone who does-see me about a month.

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