Sunday, July 13, 2008

On a hot day in summer my true friend gave to me

Cording and yarn just for me. One of my old friends visited me at work the other day. It was so good to see her. Seeing her reminded me of all the things knowing her has put in place. Because she is as generous with her wisdom as she is with her yarn stash-I've learned about CD's(Certificates of Deposit) Roth IRA's(Investment Retirement Accounts- after taxes money) and Deferred Comp(Deferred Compensations-before taxes money) I have all of those in place now.She brought me the cording and other assorted goodies. (there'll be socks around the corner,socks around the corner,socks around the corner for me-there'll be no more knit less Tuesdays,no more knit less Tuesdays, no more knit less Tuesdays for me! yee-haw!).

On hot day in summer another true friend lent to me

A hard rocking Stryper CD( You're FREE-Free to do what you want to -choose your own destiny-FREE! Free to do what you want to:) Can't help it I love to play them in my car Loud. The guitar rifts alone are enough to get your head nodding-not excessively-you are after all driving. They are rock but-they have the harmony part of music that I like the most. It's a rock sing-a-long(just kidding).

On a warm day in summer my true friend emailed me-About the national Day of the Slurpee(make mine coke and cherry please). During the summer months it's my only vice-other than ice cream. Mix the layers of a cherry and coke for an awesome cherry coke slushy. Now not all slushie's are created equal. You have to visit different places and see how they do them. For my money i like speedway's cherry and coke. I'm not much on the movie theatre one-of course the price alone is a deterrent-The flavor's suck. How can you not have coke if you have cherry?

If you've been reading carefully you'll know that each paragraph is like the song the twelve days of Christmas-don't worry there's not twelve blurbs for your to slog through. But the song hopped into my head and won't vacate the premises-I had to get it out somehow. I know it's a little too early to think about winter(Bah Humbagh) but sometimes you can have a little Christmas in July. Just Check out my basil-it's like a Christmas miracle(God bless us-everyone!).
I'll put up pics soon of my baby tomatoes-I'm a proud mama(the only type of progeny I want is growing from ceramic pots).

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