Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!!!

The fourth always makes me think of two things. Warm summer nights and awesome light displays. This year I did not make my annual trek to the fireworks barn to pick up my morning glories(sparklers that change colors) or snakes(weak firework that coils like a snake when it's lit) or even a box of pops(fireworks that make a loud popping noise when they hit the ground. I did however make it to my city's firework display. we had the perfect seats- far enough away to beat the crowd home but close enough to see everything. This is what the fourth of July was meant to be. Walking down the street with my niece and nephew singing songs(hum a few bars of I'm proud to be an American)-sitting on the lawn and watching my nephew trying to climb a fence-and to top it all off-listening to sounds of the ooooh's and ahhh's as the light show begins. All and all it's been a good day. I'll set ofF my own fireworks tomorrow(shhh! don't tell anyone-there illegal in Ohio). I got them from walmart-hope they work. So I hope you are enjoying the unseasonably cool weather(I am- love it) There's nothing better than being able to ride your bike on a cool morning-watching the world wake up. The other day I startled a hummingbird coming in for a drink from one of our feeders-He hid in our lilac bush-so very cute. Well I gotta go. Have fun and be safe kids. And remember Safety first



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