Friday, October 24, 2008

Why I can't listen to christian radio stations anymore

Hey guys,

Let me warn you-I'm feeling peevish right now-so bear with me. Let me start off by saying I am a follower of Christ. I believe in the virgin birth-Jesus Christ's death-his burial and his resurrection. That being said what I don't believe is that God is republican or Democrat. I also don't believe that I should vote for a candidate simply because he says he's (pro-life,anti-gay,for the ten commandments being posted in every government office across the land)(besides I'm a lover not a hater)or any other hot button issue used to keep us from the real issues. Our economy is dying-this is what happens when you stop being the leading exporter and start being the leading importer. Not much is made in America anymore. You have people who have basically worked their entire working life in one place being displaced by outsourcing. They keep saying that it's a global economy-why can't we have one that works for everyone. The real issues(health care,education,living wages)are not being talked about. I've been listening to several christian radio stations-mainly because I like some of the christian artist -great praise and worship songs. The commentary however set the vein in my neck throbbing. The tag line that I heard most frequently was" I'm not going to tell you who to vote for but..." They did everything but call Obama a Muslim and a terrorist. You would have thought Obama was a used car salesman selling snake oil. I heard how America was falling for "slick"talk. They kept telling their audience to not be fooled. I for one like listening to someone who challenges me to be a better American. We need encouragement. Then they talked about Obama being called the "Great Hope" and then went on to explain that our hope was to be in Jesus. Then they got on the socialism band wagon and talking about how it's not the government's responsibility to help poor people. They said it's the Churches responsibility. So only poor people get help from the church-it's the government's responsibility to make sure abortion is illegal and gay people don't have the same rights as the rest of America? So let me get this right. They will vote for a candidate who says he's anti-abortion-(matches up with the whole thou shalt not kill) and hates gay people,but they won't vote for a person working to help the poor and needy(hmmmm... could have sworn Jesus did that(Luke 4:18-19)). They never talk about the policies that got us into this mess. When did it start making sense to give tax breaks to companies outsourcing jobs? Do CEO's really need to make 400% what their workers do? Is it okay that we reward CEO's who do a horrible job with huge severance packages-while your company just filed bankruptcy? What about these shady morals? Morality is so much more than who's sleeping with who-or who had an abortion. I don't think government should be in private decisions. You can't legislate morality. Everyone should make their decision based on the big picture. We need a president who's familiar with all segments of the population-not just those making more than 250,000 a year. An American dream that excludes people on any bases is a nightmare. God gave us free will for a purpose. Choose for yourself-No one has the right to make decisions for you-If God doesn't do it-why is it okay for Conservative Christians to do it?

I'm a African-American Christian Woman and I approve this message.



Brandon said...

Amen!(sorry had to do it) I agree 100%, Great post, couldn't have said it better myself, Obama 08!!

allie said...

Ms. Ray--more blogging please. :) I listened to talk radio the other day, the female guest was suggesting that McCain be elected than impeached so Palin would run the country. I sincerely believe should should be on heavy medication!