Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Runnin' on Empty

I'm in transition mode. I have a new position at work and I'm excited about all the new opportunities I'll have to shine. While I'm happy-it's so hard to say goodbye. I've been waiting so long for that all important call(You're Hired!!) that I didn't think about how hard it would be to leave my old position. I've been in my current position for the past 8 years. That's a long time and a lot of history. I find myself saying good bye to customers. It's almost like a this is your work life episode. I've watched children become young adults. I loved the volunteer coordinator aspect of my job. It gave me a chance to encourage my students-not just the whole after school special spiel("Don't be a fool-Stay in school" Just say no! Take a bite out of crime") I was more interested in talking to them about their finances. If I can influence one kid to stay debt free-my job is done. I'm talking to them about Roth Ira's(after tax money put in a mutual fund)-deferred comp(pre tax money put into a mutual fund).I also tell them about the perils of getting into credit card debt. If someone had explained to me what interest was(i.e. it's the devil and causes you to give credit card companies money they don't deserve)I would have thought twice about getting that MasterCard. One of the mother's of a volunteer told me that her son is now a freshman in college(I'm not getting older-I'm just getting better)I couldn't believe it. I'm getting teary eyed as I write this post(cue the violin's). I know that i'm a different person because I had to wait for my promotion. I don't think I've become jaded-I'm just a little tougher now(not exactly tonka tuff but close enough). I guess it's like any adversity- you come through it equipped to deal with the next challenge. I do feel a little like wonderwoman(without the lasso of truth or the invisible airplane). Here's a little boys to men for you.


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