Monday, October 13, 2008

The quilted giraffe and other oddities

Hey guys,

I finally started listening to some of the music left on my mp3 player. The first song is called" The quilted giraffe" It's like weird ambient music. I'm not sure I like it's enya/moby/yanni feel. There's other weird titles like: Instant love,angry girls and cowboys,and afraid to love. Maybe if I give it a chance it'll grown on a rash. Oddities numero 2-Shadow box. I went to shadowbox friday night with my college friends. I should have know by the shows title(Raisin' Hell)that I was in for a night of surprises. Shadowbox is a live skit/musical/comedy club. My favorite skit of the night-SCI-FI story. Yes there was a intergalactic war between the Trekkie's and the Jedi knights. The skit spawned such songs as- everything's better with chubaka,when you're a Jedi,and Uhura,I just met a girl named Uhura,etc. I had a good time and laughed my bottom off. The music was okay-I liked the skits better. I was however creeped out by the vampire/zombie music dance scene. It just looked scary. Well I've got to rest up for tomorrow.

check ya later


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